Live Webinar – How to buy & renovate websites for passive income

The Live Webinar ‘How to buy and renovate simple websites for passive income’ will go for a couple of hours and provide an overview of the different techniques and strategies for reaching Financial Independence using online business – such as local business sites, portfolio strategies, affiliate marketing, rank and rent and directory strategies. It will finish with a Q&A where you can ask me and Matt any questions you have about websites and online business.

Digital skills are becoming more important and more valuable than ever before – now is the time to educate yourself and be ready for the changes that are coming.”

Liz Raad, Website developer and owner

The Good

  • Diversify your income streams
  • Incredibly simple to understand
  • Work from home
  • Leverage your time – work 4 hours a week!
  • Retire Early on semi-passive income
  • Do not need a fancy computer or any complex software

The Bad

  • Significant initial time investment to learn, test and adjust
  • Investment into formal training costs and courseware
  • Risks of starting a business
  • Can take 12+ months to see decent results
  • Must have reliable access to internet and put in the work
  • To see best results, need at least $1000 to invest into paid tools and for outsourcing jobs to help you scale

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How to buy and renovate simple websites for passive income

If you have any specific questions about websites and online business – please send me them via the contact form or leave a comment here

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Who is this webinar for?

This masterclass is designed to help you quickly learn what’s needed for success in website business and investing and show you the solid strategies we and our clients have been using successfully for the last 10 years – based on our experience in buying and selling businesses and websites valued at up to $20 million.

Learn how to create leveraged ongoing income for your future WITHOUT having to invest in products or inventory, or manage deliveries, returns or product issues, and without ever having to talk to a customer or supplier

Perfect if you are looking for a way to expand your investments, or get an alternative cash-flow asset than property or shares. And life-changing if are you stuck in a job or business that has no future, and you are looking for alternative sources of income.

Whether you want more passive online investments or to transition to full-time online income, this masterclass will give you a clear path to achieve those goals in the fastest simplest way.

How do you actually Make Money with Websites?

One of the most valuable things that can happen to you is having your reality of what’s possible completely shattered. For example…

Most people have no idea you could buy websites to build your retirement asset and income!

But after interviewing Matt and Liz Raad on the Captain FI podcast, and hearing about their successes, and the success some of their beginner students have been getting recently I was blown away;

  • Like how Mark bought a content website for $6k that paid for itself in 6 months.
  • Or how Lisa bought a $2k content website that now makes her $25k a month in semi-passive income.
  • Or how Nathan and Alexa turned a $4500 website purchase into $8,000 per month income that requires only 8 hours of work on it per year.

These are real people, I have met them all and they have seriously inspired me.

Your reality of what’s possible will completely shift. So maybe you didn’t know buying websites for passive income was even possible, or that you could do this for a living.

Yet, Matt and his wife Liz have been teaching people how to do this privately for the past 15 years.

In my opinion, every one needs to have money show up in their bank account whether or not they decide to work that day, that week, that month, or that quarter.

Especially if you are targeting Early Retirement, you need cash flow to cover the bills – It’s the only way to have security in your finances and well-being.

When I started my FI/RE Journey, I thought there was only one way to hit Financial Independence – work a crap load of overtime and adopt as many side hustles as possible, be as frugal as possible, and then invest the difference as aggressively as possible.  

This passion for financial freedom led me to start blogging about my experiences here on Captain FI, and this project ultimately led me into meeting Matt and Liz Raad and ending up running a portfolio of over 20 content websites! (and also subsequently scaling back to just focus on a core portfolio of 6!)

Its not a get rich quick scheme and there is definitely a lot of learning and work involved at the start, but if you’re interested in learning a unique and relatively passive way to generate income to reach Financial Independence, then Matt and Liz are hosting an exclusive masterclass for Captain FI readers on their simple 3-step strategy to buy & renovate passive income websites.

Topics to be covered in the webinar

The webinar will cover the following topics

How To Start Buying Websites For Leveraged Income

Ways to find website deals, common brokers and how to find private sales

A Way To Start Making Money Online With Little Capital Compared To Traditional Businesses

How you can use websites as a cash flow business strategy

Real Examples Of Websites We Have Bought And Sold – And How Much They Made

Case studies from real people showcasing their websites, transactions and the sell outs

How You Value And Do Due Diligence On An Online Asset

How to estimate a websites size, influence, income, and how to conduct due diligence using accounting tools during the negotiation

How To Renovate A Website And Double It’s Income – Including Your Own Business Website

How to improve a website you have bought or built using SEO – Keywords, Content and links

How You Can Maintain & Grow A Website, Even If You Are Not Technical Yourself

The keys to outsourcing and scaling your online business

If You’re A Complete Beginner, How Long Will This Take?

Realistic case studies and examples from previous students, and my personal experience over the past 4 years.

Click to Register for the free Webinar: How to Buy and Renovate Websites for passive income

Please Note: I am not being paid to promote this, but please just be aware that M+L will be promoting their course during the webinar and they do have a rather persistent email marketing system. There is a load of awesome information and strategies presented that they give away for free, and there is of course no obligation to sign up for anything, but they will obviously be wanting to promote their course in exchange for giving away all the info for free – just an FYI!

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