Mercury Book Club – The Monthly Must-Read for Business Leaders

Find out why the Mercury Book Club is a must read for business leaders. Learn more about how it works and see what kind of books they send their customers each month.

Mercury Book Club review

The Mercury Book Club is a monthly business book subscription service for professionals. It takes the guesswork out of picking a good book with their monthly curated picks designed to further your leadership, management, finance and entrepreneurship skills.

“According to Roman Religion, Mercury was the god of commerce, merchants, shop keepers, clever speaking, money and travellers. He was also known as the messenger of the gods, characterised by his winged cap and winged feet to give him the advantage of speed.”

Marko Zitko, Founder Mercury Book club

The Good

  • Curated list of business and leadership books
  • Online discussion group for networking and comparing lessons learnt
  • Delivered monthly to your door
  • In many cases cheaper than buying in a bookstore

The Bad

  • Some books are cheaper in a bookstore
  • No eBook versions – physical copies only
  • Need a valid mailing address

Verdict: The Mercury Book Club is great to expand your business and leadership skills

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Mercury Book Club

What is the Mercury Book Club

The Mercury Book Club is a monthly book subscription box service focused entirely on business books. Each month the Australian start-up will send subscribers a carefully selected business-related book, ranging from topics of leadership, management, finance, entrepreneurship, and biography.

The book of the month will be a surprise for readers – lesser known books from the world of business, as opposed to the classics. Subscriptions start at $35 per month and each shipment includes one hardcover or paperback trade publication with free shipping anywhere in Australia

“Mercury was born out of frustration. Finding a good book is hard and you often get stuck with a book that seemed interesting at first, but doesn’t live up to expectations. What we do is thoroughly research and read every book we send, cover-to-cover, to make sure the book we send is the perfect fit for our readers,”

Marco, Founder of The Mercury Book Club.

Marko Zitko, co founder of the Mercury Book Club

Marko Zitko is the co founder of Mercury Book Club and has been a business consultant in the communications industry in the Sydney CBD for over 12 years. The idea for the Mercury Book Club came when he was searching for an entertaining read on his train ride home from work one day, but could not find anything within reach that matched his interests.

Mercury Book Club
Marko ZitKo – Co-founder and owner of Mercury Book Club

“I had this moment where I thought ‘here are all these books about management – why can’t someone put together something like a book-of-the-month box?'” said Marko in a news interview with ABC radio Sydney interview. “It would be great to have it curated by people who know what they ‘re talking about.”

He reached out to friends and family in order to get feedback on ideas before launching the campaign. The mercury book club had great success with their starting campaign, raising thousands in pre-orders to service their first batch of subscribers.

The company has grown exponentially since then and now ships out books for hundreds of readers around Australia every month

He found there were plenty of books about leadership and entrepreneurship available but not many focused purely on managing teams effectively and creating clear goals for employees. He also found many books are simply subtle clones of each other, like boring remakes of the same marketing copy by different writers for publishing companies to sell.

Marko struggled to find management books he wanted to read on his time off from work – He didn’t want just any old business book but one that was engaging enough so you could finish reading it over your coffee break or before bedtime.

Marko is translating his experience in business and consulting and passing on the lessons he has learned over his career through curating the Mercury Book Club subscriptions. When he is not working on growing the Mercury Book Club, Marko loves reading and often enjoys combing through bookstores as well as searching for historical gems and first editions in second hand bookstores in op shops.

“We can guarantee each book we send has been read cover-to-cover by us to make sure what we’re sending is a great, insightful read. Finding the best business books is hard, so we thoroughly research and read to find the best books to include as part of the club.”

Marko Zitko, Founder Mercury Book club

Kinds of books you can expect from the Mercury book club

The Mercury book club focuses on lesser known, but no less impactful business books – ones that aren’t bombarded to you in ads or in the news. You can expect a range of topics from Leadership and management through to entrepreneurship, success and personal development books – with the occasional biography thrown in for good measure.

The first three books released by the Mercury Book Club have all been relevant and a great read;

  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker
  • Range by David Epstein
  • No Filter by Sarah Frier
  • Limitless by Jim Kwik

Make sure to check out the Mercury Book Clubs online review of each of these published top five business books.

Mercury Book Club
Mercury book clubs first three book subscription releases

Why should you join the Mercury book club

With a strong focus on business and leadership topics, you can think of the Mercury Book Club as like your personal mentor that comes to work with you each month.

Although there are many book clubs in Australia, none have quite matched this level of innovation or ambition. By focusing exclusively on books aimed at executives and professionals, they’ve created an exclusive membership for dedicated readers who want to keep their skills up-to-date and broaden their knowledge base without having to invest time combing through the library shelves or blowing money on airport reads.

But it’s not just about which books they send – every shipment is accompanied by a breakdown from their Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as a detailed discussion in their online forum.

“The best part of a good book is talking about the interesting insights and learning. Our goal is to start a community and a network of Australian professionals who love reading, learning, and discussing good business books. By sharing the findings with a community, our readers will get more out of their book and be more motivated to read.”


In many respects, to join the Mercury Book Club is more of an investment in your education and business skills to aide staying productive rather than for pure entertainment. This is probably why Marko has resonated with companies and entrepreneurs who have signed up to the book subscription box for regular access to business related books for their workplaces.

Why CaptainFI is part of the Mercury book club

We all know I am a big proponent of reading published literature when it comes to the business, investing and finance world. It has been carefully written, painstakingly edited and ruthlessly peer reviewed. Heck, I even have my own reading list called the Captains Library where I share what I think are the best financial independence and personal development books.

What I like about this company’s approach is they have an editor who selects titles based upon what is appropriate to people interested in business. I can’t say that about many other book clubs.

The convenience of having a copy show up magically at my doorstep is also great – no more wondering what to get to read or what to ask for at Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion! Its not so much about the extra time, but about reducing decision fatigue.

You see books everywhere these days – but how often do we actually read them? And when was the last time someone shared their knowledge from their experience of reading it – what they learned and how they applied it to their life and business – instead of just giving you the Cliff Notes?

I like the idea of an online forum where you can ask questions and have them answered by people in business as well as professionals with decades of experience. It’s just one more way they make it easier for me to stay on top of professional development without spending too much time doing the research myself (which does sound kind of ironic now that I have written it…)

I have publicly discussed why I am generally not a fan of subscription services – which in general act like little leeches on your bank account where the transactional emotions are blurred or hidden entirely. However, I am giving this a go as more of an active investment in my own education rather than some passive entertainment subscription. The minute it ceases to be beneficial for me and my business, I will vote with my feet and stop

I’m really excited to read a book each month, and I know that my mind and my business will be better for it!

How to sign up to the Mercury Book Club

Which Mercury Book Club business book subscription box should you choose? The price varies depending upon how many packs you would like;

  • Single pack ($35)
  • 3 month subscription ($99)
  • 6 month subscription ($199)

In addition to monthly shipments subscribers can also purchase individual titles on their website which is updated monthly with new additions, as well as gift packs and themed packs for specific business lessons

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Its super simple – just head on over to the Mercury Book Club website, fill in your details, address and payment information and place an order!

Mercury Book Club
Mercury Book Club subscription offerings


If you’re looking for a way to get ahead in business, the Mercury Book Club is worth checking out. They send subscribers one hardcover or paperback trade publication each month with free shipping anywhere in Australia and their prices start at $35 per month.

The book of the month will be revealed on the website every time so if you want to know what it’s going to be before subscribing, just check there first! And don’t forget that they also offer 15% off any subscription by signing up today using code: CaptainFI

Verdict: The Mercury Book Club is great to expand your business and leadership skills

You can get 15% off with code: CaptainFI

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