The Authority Site System (TASS) by Authority Hacker – Review

The Authority Site System (TASS) by Authority Hacker is a comprehensive course that teaches how to set up a successful authority site, with several modules and many detailed lessons. So is it worth the cost and the time required to do the course? Here’s my full Authority Site System review..

Long before The Authority Site System offered instruction on affiliate marketing and making money online, the process of marketing goods and services had a very different look.

There were the days of Tupperware Parties (and now Thermomixes), but actually there is now not even a need for a physical product as long as you have links and clicks in your online business.

Attract enough eyeballs to your website, entice readers to move their mouse and there’s profit to be made – and The Authority Site System is all about teaching you how that can happen.

When it comes to creating successful and profitable websites, there are many strategies and methods out there. However, one program that stands out is The Authority Site System (TASS) by Authority Hacker. But who exactly is behind this system and what makes it so effective?

So let’s take a look at The Authority Site System course by Authority Hacker, how the course is structured, the cost, Pros and Cons of the course and some common FAQs

The Good

  • The focus on beginners is the standout feature of TASS. Step by step and clear directions.
  • Suitable for beginners as well as established online marketers.
  • The Authority Site System offers free content even before enrolling in the full course.
  • The comprehensive nature of the course is a major selling factor. Failure to make the mark in site building won’t be through a lack of information.
  • The private Facebook group means that you are not alone, and networking will improve your chances of success.
  • The continual updating of the course, the last as recent as 2023 is a major positive, as well as blog articles, youtube videos and podcast episodes on current industry events and SEO
  • Plenty of support coming from the Authority Hacker team
  • Personal video responses are also a welcome feature for students.  
  • 100% money back guarantee, 30-days, “no questions asked”

The Bad

  • With more than 190 lessons, there’s every chance it can get too much for even the most avid learner
  • If you’re not prepared to put in the work, the money you parted with to buy the Authority Hacker course may be a waste. Check out my Ebusiness v Authority Hacker review too..
  • Some have criticised the value of the Facebook group page as being too basic and not as active as the eBusiness Institute group.
  • On a more technical level, the link-building page lacks thoroughness.
  • Extra expenses involved in premium tools recommended to enhance site and link building (such as Ahrefs) – around $50-100 a month
  • Some may find it too “white hat’’ in terms of SEO.
  • Not as comprehensive as the Digital Investors course from the eBusiness Institute

Verdict: The Authority Site System (TASS) course is great for beginners – Step by Step directions, comprehensive content and a VERY reasonable price that’s well worth the cost. I rank it as a close ‘second place’ (and cheaper alternative) to the Digital Investors course by the eBusiness Institute

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the authority site system logo

The Authority Site System (TASS)

The Authority Site System (TASS) by Authority Hacker is a training program designed to teach individuals how to build and grow a profitable authority website from scratch. Authority Hacker is a well-known brand in the online marketing and SEO space. Their courses and content are geared towards teaching individuals how to create websites that rank well in search engines and monetize through various methods such as affiliate marketing, digital products, and more.

The Authority Site System was created by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, two authoritative figures in the world of online marketing and website building. They are known as the “Authority Hacker” duo, having built successful websites themselves and now teaching their methods to others through TASS since 2013, as well as hosting the very popular Authority Hacker Podcast.

Authority hacker podcast

The goal of TASS is to help individuals and businesses create long-term, sustainable websites that generate passive income. It focuses on building authority niche sites that attract high volumes of targeted traffic and convert them into loyal readers, subscribers, and customers.

But what sets TASS apart from other programs is its holistic approach. It covers all aspects of website building, from niche selection and keyword research to content creation, SEO, and monetization. This comprehensive approach ensures that all elements work together seamlessly to create a successful website.

Moreover, TASS is constantly updated to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. Gael and Mark regularly test and refine their methods, ensuring that members have access to the most effective strategies and tools. They also provide ongoing support through a community forum where members can share tips, ask for advice, and connect with other like-minded individuals.

In addition to the program itself, TASS offers a variety of valuable resources such as templates, checklists, and case studies. These materials are designed to save members time and effort by providing them with proven frameworks and processes to follow.

Christy Walters on Copypress asks the question What is an Authority Site and why should you create one? Even a niche site can become a powerhouse site and The Authority Site System attempts to show their students how.

You have a chance to leapfrog 99.9% of the population and build a site that can potentially generate 4, 5, or even 6 figures monthly. How would your life change if you were able to build such an asset and quit your job? Or if you were able to sell a site and buy your dream home as a result of that sale?”

Both Mark Webster and Gael Breton are highly respected in the world of site-building. Webster is responsible for the business side of Authority Hacker, while Breton is editor in chief. Authority Hacker boasts that over 13,000 people have taken up their courses.

TASS what you will learn
Quick overview of what you will learn with the TASS course

Here are some key aspects of The Authority Site System:

  1. Step-by-step Training The online course provides a systematic blueprint for building an authority website. This includes niche selection, website setup, content creation, link building, and monetization strategies.
  2. Updated Techniques: Authority Hacker is known for updating their courses to ensure they align with current best practices. This is particularly important given the constant evolution of SEO and online marketing tactics.
  3. Tools and Templates: In addition to video training, TASS provides a variety of templates, checklists, and other resources to help streamline the process of building an authority site.
  4. Community Access: TASS comes with access to a private Facebook group where students can interact, ask questions, and share their experiences.
  5. Focus on White Hat SEO: The strategies taught in TASS lean towards “white hat” SEO techniques, which means they adhere to the guidelines set by search engines. These methods are typically more sustainable and carry less risk than “black hat” or even “gray hat” SEO tactics.
  6. Monetization Strategies: The course doesn’t just focus on getting traffic; it also emphasizes how to monetize that traffic efficiently, particularly through affiliate marketing.
the authority site system 3.0
TASS course structure overview

Who is The Authority Site System for?

The Authority Site System (TASS) by Authority Hacker is a valuable investment for a wide range of individuals and organisations – It’s ideal for anyone looking to create a profitable online presence, including entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, bloggers, and digital marketing professionals.

Suitable for beginners with no prior experience in website building or online marketing, newcomers can benefit from the step-by-step guidance provided by TASS, as well as its structures, workflows and templates.

Furthermore, established businesses and online marketers looking to expand their online reach, improve SEO, or diversify their income streams will find the comprehensive, up-to-date strategies invaluable, and potentially discover some additional strategies or techniques (or perhaps uncover some blind spots) which may help you grow your business.

So, regardless of your experience level or business goals, if you’re committed to producing sustainable, high-quality websites that generate passive income, TASS could be the perfect fit for you.

Who is the Authority Site System NOT for?

While The Authority Site System (TASS) by Authority Hacker offers a wealth of benefits to many, it may not be the ideal choice for everyone.

Those looking for quick, overnight success with minimal effort might not find TASS suitable, as it emphasizes sustainable, long-term strategies rather than quick fix solutions.

Similarly, individuals not willing to invest time in learning and implementing the system, or those expecting to succeed without putting in any work, may not benefit from this program.

Mark and Gael suggest you need around 10 hours a week to learn how to build, and then operate a profitable authority site (although I personally spend less time than that now that I outsource the majority of the jobs).

If you need to have your ‘hand-held’ closely every step of the way and have every step explained in detail, then this might not be the best course for you (and I would suggest the much more beginner-friendly and comprehensive Digital Investors course by the eBusiness Institute). TASS students need to have some independent research skills and use the online community to solve potential problems or roadblocks you will face with your site.

TASS may also not be the best fit for those who struggle with self-discipline, as the online learning format requires a certain level of commitment, focus, and self-direction. You need to be able to regularly allocate time to studying the course.

Lastly, if budget is a constraint, the initial investment required for TASS might be a barrier (although I would argue it is WELL worth the investment and this will save you bucket loads of time compared to trying to piece together the myriad of disjointed or incomplete information available online).

The Authority Site System content overview

The system is made up of three sections – The Authority Site System, the TASS 3.0 Project Manager and the TASS Mastermind Facebook group.

The Authority Site System section consists of 15 modules and more than 190 lessons. This is not something you can just dabble in to get your money’s worth. It’s a case of all in or nothing. The TASS Project Manager gives you a hands-on understanding of building your own site from the bottom up.

Gael Breton designs a website called Dog Food Heaven, demonstrating the skills required to make a successful niche site. It’s what the Authority Hacker team does so well. A niche market is a segment of a larger market that appeals through its unique nature. Matthew Turner on the Mirasee website gives 15 winning niche market examples.    

TASS course overview, the authority site system course by authority hacker
TASS course overview, the authority site system course by authority hacker
TASS course overview

The TASS private Facebook group offers moral support as well as technical advice.    

While working on each of our test sites, we experimented, tested, and documented all the tactics we used. Then we put them inside a complete video training about starting new authority sites even if you’ve never done it before: The 2023 Version Of The Authority Site System.”

Here’s a broad overview of the type of content you can expect:

  1. Introduction
    • How to succeed with this course
    • To-do list and Glossary
    • Budget and expectations
    • How to use the Members area
    Module 1 – Internet Marketing 101
    • What is an authority site
    • How authority sites get traffic
    • How authority sites make money
    • Affiliate marketing 101
    • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation 101
    Module 2 – Brainstorming Niches
    • What makes a good niche
    • Content marketplaces
    • Affiliate disclaimers
    • Shortlisting your niches (round 1)
    Module 3 – Qualifying Niches
    • Finding sites with high organic traffic
    • Finding Affiliate programs
    • Shortlisting your niches (more rounds)
    • Seasonality and Growth
    • Link opportunities
    • Niche credibility
    Module 4 – Planning your site
    • Expanding your competitor list
    • Expanding your monetization research
    • Expanding commercial keywords
    • Researching ad content
    • Building your sitemap
    Module 5 – Setting up your site
    • Picking the domain name
    • Basic WordPress settings
    • Installing theme
    • Google search console setup
    • Google Analytics setup
    • Site speed and email setup
    Module 6 – Branding your site
    • Picking brand colours, fonts and logo
    • Applying your branding
    Module 7 – Setting up posts and pages
    • Building site structure
    • Header and footer building
    • Contact page, privacy policy and disclaimer
    Module 8 – Preparing Info Content
    • Creating content for web users
    • Creating content for Google
    • Using content templates
    • Writing guidelines
    Module 9 – Writing Content
    • Choosing an article type
    • Article length
    • How to research content
    • Planning your article and writing content
    Module 10 – Uploading and Optimising Content
    • Uploading content
    • Meta, title, URL, images, internal and external links
    • Publishing
    Module 11 – Initial Link Building
    • The anatomy of a link
    • Link building expectations and link vetting
    • HARO Introduction and Setup
    • Guest Posting
    Module 12 – Affiliate Monetization Setup
    • How affiliate programs work
    • Signing up for Amazon
    • Affiliate Rules and payouts
    Module 13 – Commercial Content
    • Types of commercial content
    • Structuring and researching your commercial content
    • Uploading and publishing commercial content
    Module 14 – Advanced Tactics
    • AI content creation
    • Outsourcing content
    • Hiring and managing writers
    • Setting up display ads
    Module 15 – Becoming an authority
    • Monthly tracking sheet
    • What to do next!

It’s important to note that TASS also comes with supplementary resources like templates, checklists, and case studies. Additionally, they might offer bonus modules or content based on feedback or emerging trends in the industry.  

TASS course add ons
Course add ons are optional

 Structure of the course

The beauty of The Authority Site System course is that it walks users through every step. It comes in the form of 15 modules, as noted above, divided up into lesson steps.

These modules have earned praise from experienced site builders, who were envious of TASS students.

the authority site system
Dashboard keeps track of your progress and you can easily resume where you left off

Mark Webster describes the structure on Quora website as ‘painting by numbers’. He says it still allows prospective site builders to use their own creativity. Helping to add clarity and consistency to content production is lots of copy-and-paste templates for TASS users. The Authority Hackers team likes to put their money where their mouth is.

Each lesson comes with:

  • An overview of what you will learn
  • Some text to read
  • Images
  • Usually a step-by-step video to watch
  • Video transcript
  • Some resources provided
The authority site system module 1 overview
Each module shows an overview, usually has a video, some text and images, as well as resources or templates available

The Authority Site System’s Strengths 

  • The focus on beginners is the standout feature of The Authority Site System. If you are a complete novice to building an authority site, then TASS appears the course for you to undertake, walking you through each step with clear direction.
  • While emphasising the assistance beginners will gain from TASS, there appear benefits even for those more advanced. After all, a bit of revision never hurt anyone, even if you’re making thousands each month already. 
  • The Authority Site System offers free content even before enrolling in the full course. There are suggestions that true beginners should watch the free stuff first before tackling the lessons for purchase. The line is also offered that if the no-cost assistance is so good then imagine how good the System is.
  • The comprehensive nature of the course is a major selling factor. Failure to make the mark in site building won’t be through a lack of information.
  • The private Facebook group means that you are not alone, and networking will improve your chances of success.
  • The continual updating of the course, the last as recent as 2023 is a major positive. Among the improvements is an emphasis on getting faster results.
  • Plenty of support coming from the Authority Hacker team in relation to accounts, web design, tech setup, Frequently Asked Questions, Agency partners and community.  
  • Personal video responses are also a welcome feature for harried students.  
TASS course update 2023
2023 TASS course updates

Areas for Improvement

  • With more than 190 lessons, there’s every chance it can get too much for even the most avid learner beginning on their website-building journey
  • If you’re not prepared to put in the work, the money you parted with to buy the Authority Hacker course may be a waste.
  • Some have criticised the value of the Facebook group page as being too basic.
  • On a more technical level, the link-building page has been seen to lack thoroughness.
  • Extra expenses involved in premium tools recommended to enhance site and link building. However, there’s not a necessity to buy them and free or cheaper versions are available. Authority Hacker includes a lesson on budgeting for your site building.
  • Some users have found it too “white hat’’ in terms of SEO. White hat means using strategies approved by search engines, while black hat means those forbidden by search engines; grey hat is somewhere in between.

Price point in relation to the content

The Authority Site System seems to be a case of if you’re prepared to pay (and work), then you’ll reap the rewards. Look for the shortcut in price and the results may not be the same. Patience is an important virtue for TASS users. Long-term results may not appeal to those seeking quick wins.

Again there are no guarantees from Authority Hacker that the money will be rolling in from the outset. But they do promise that they’ll do everything they can to put you on the right path.

Authority Hacker also offers a 30-day money back guarantee and have been known to offer payment plans, although these can be more expensive in the long run.  

“That’s why we offer a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee. If you join today, you can try the whole program for 30 days and then decide if you want to keep it. If you don’t get life-changing value out of the course, if you don’t have time to implement it, or even if you don’t like the font we use in the lessons, we will give you a full refund.”

Mark and Gael, Authoirty Hacker

FAQs about TASS:

What does Authority Hacker do?

The Authority Hacker website (and podcast) is the creator of systems designed to help users build successful authority sites.

Look up their website advocating TASS and it’s hard to ignore the claims of success. Testimonials from such success stories hit you immediately and then comes the nitty gritty from the Hacker mob and how they converted run-down, abandoned sites – $10 domains – into highly profitable authority sites (think six-figure entities over 18 months), using the concepts from TASS. It can be tantalisingly convincing stuff. If they can do it, why can’t I?     

Is the Authority Site System legit?

Without even signing up, it’s hard to dismiss. Plenty of glowing reviews from experts and students of the course alike seem to confirm their authenticity. Ebizfacts rates TASS the number one affiliate marketing course after extensive research.

For more info on affiliate marketing, read Si Quan Ong’s article on ahrefs blog on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Don’t be fooled though, into thinking that the affiliate marketing world is all nice and shiny. There are the unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage of people. Andrej Csizmadia on Post Affiliate Pro looks at eight affiliate marketing scams to avoid. 

The TASS system, however, provides a structured approach to building authority websites, and the founders have a reputation in the online marketing community for providing valuable content.

Here are some reasons why TASS proves to be a legit course:

  • Reputation of the Founders Gael Breton and Mark Webster – having been in the online marketing space for years
  • Detailed course content
  • Use of ‘white hat’ SEO techniques
  • Regularly updated content
  • Heaps of positive reviews and testimonials from students
  • Community support available
TASS course overview
What you get! It’s actually so super easy to follow along with the videos and the step-by-step structure of the course..

What is the difference between Authority Hacker Pro and The Authority Site System?

Authority Hacker Pro is a more advanced site-building system, regarded as the flagship of the Authority Hacker stable. Think you’re busy taking up the 194+ lessons on TASS, well Authority Pro offers a humungus 400+ lessons. Again, TASS is ideal for the newcomer. But the logical follow up is Authority Pro.   
Both courses are designed to help individuals build and monetize online properties, but they target different stages of the website development journey and come with distinct focuses. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

  1. Intended Audience:
    • TASS: Designed for beginners and those just starting out. It offers a step-by-step blueprint for creating an authority website from scratch. If you’re new to building websites, affiliate marketing, or online business in general, TASS is typically the recommended starting point.
    • AHP: Geared towards individuals who already have an established website and are looking to scale and optimize it further. It’s more advanced and dives deeper into various tactics and strategies.
  2. Content Focus:
    • TASS: Covers the fundamentals, including niche selection, website setup, basic SEO, content creation, link building basics, and introduction to monetization.
    • AHP: Delves into advanced strategies across a range of topics, from advanced link building and SEO techniques to email marketing, social media strategies, and various monetization methods beyond just affiliate marketing.
  3. Depth of Content:
    • TASS: Provides a linear, step-by-step approach, guiding users through the process of building a website and laying a solid foundation.
    • AHP: Comes with a collection of “blueprints” or modules, each focusing on a specific advanced tactic or strategy. These are more in-depth and can be applied based on the individual needs of your website.
  4. Community and Support:
    • Both courses often come with access to private communities or groups where students can interact. However, given the advanced nature of AHP, the discussions and interactions in the AHP community might be more advanced and detailed.
  5. Pricing:
    • AHP comes at a higher price point given its advanced content and the depth of strategies covered.
  6. Duration & Commitment:
    • TASS: Being a foundational course, it’s more linear and can be followed over weeks to months as you build your site.
    • AHP: Since it’s a collection of advanced blueprints, you can dive into specific modules as needed, based on what’s relevant to your site’s current stage and needs.

In summary, The Authority Site System is a foundational course for those starting their journey in building authority websites, while Authority Hacker Pro is for those who are already in the game and are looking to optimize, scale, and diversify their strategies.

How much does the TASS course cost?

The price is advertised at 6 monthly payments of USD $330 (for a total of USD $1980 or about AUD $3,150) or a discount to USD $1500 (AUD $2,400) if you pay upfront in full. My advice is to sign up for their free training, and wait to receive a further discount code – people have posted online about being offered a big discount (of up to 50%!)

How do I enrol in the TASS course?

Hop on the Authority Hacker website, hit the button and you’re on the way. Do it within five days of logging on to the site and you could be offered a hefty discount.

Captain FI’s takeaway

It’s easy to get excited when thinking about changing your direction in life, but actually going through with it and making the effort to continually show up (even when the motivation starts fading!) is always the hard part.

The Authority Site System does all it can to help you succeed with building an online business, but as I personally know from over 5 years of blogging and 3 years as a ‘lazy/average” affiliate marketer, a lot of hard work has to follow – whilst this course rocks, it (and affiliate marketing in general) isn’t a ‘magic bullet’ to financial independence – you do need to put the effort in and it takes time to grow websites and build semi-passive income online.

Yes – I have had some EPIC income months (but usually averaging around five figures) and it is good money and fairly easy once you are set up, know what you are doing and have a system, but getting to that point is part of the challenge – I have personally spent thousands of hours studying, networking, experimenting, writing and creating content across my blogs, social media channels and podcasts, as well as investing a lot of revenue back into the business in areas such as specialist writers, editors and VAs, tools and networking (although admittedly not everyone wants or needs to outsource as much it all depends on your business plan and goals).

Generally speaking, results from TASS (or Digital Investors) that let you quit your day job can take several years to achieve if you start a website from scratch (or perhaps sooner if you invest in buying an established website to short cut the process a bit).

Authority Hacker’s aim is that TASS will bring successful graduates an income-type level of reward from $2000 to $10,000 a month upon successful completion and taking action as directed within a one to two-year timeframe. Whether that happens or not will depend on whether you commit to the process, continue to turn up, make sound judgement calls and take action on lessons learned.

For people wanting greater results, Mark and Gael suggest that TASS graduates with some experience eventually enroll in Authority Hacker Pro down the track, and work on their advanced techniques for increasing traffic (and income).

Now this may not be practical for someone who is struggling financially, wanting to ‘get rich quick’ or trying to rush through the course whilst holding down a demanding full-time job (or two!) with no free time.

My advice is relax – first of all remember – there are no get-rich-quick schemes. Triage your current financial situation – track your spending, make a budget, cut your expenses, and try to increase your income (ask for a raise, swap jobs, or work more hours!). Once you’ve done that, then you can consider doing a course like TASS.

With TASS, you will need to take your time to methodically work part-time through the course. Allocating a regular time period for studying the coursework and applying it to your website build – whether that’s one hour a night (or five) is the best way to go about this course, and give yourself a year or two to fully immerse yourself in the process and commit to building (or buying) an online business – don’t rush or place high expectations on yourself initially.

For anyone looking to get into the world of affiliate marketing or authority website building, The Authority Site System can be a solid foundation. As with any course, it’s essential to do your due diligence, understand what’s being offered, and determine if it aligns with your goals and learning style.

I personally loved The Authority Site System and wish I found it earlier – it’s a great course and comes in at a very close second to Digital Investors by the eBusiness Institute

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  1. Hey Captain Fi, great post! I’m tossing up between TASS and digital investor and I’m not sure which is best for a beginner wanting to start or improve a blog for passive income. There’s a huge price difference too – any thoughts?

    1. Hey Grace – I think both are good options, but as a cheaper entry point have you looked at the Web Dev Accelerator course through eBusiness? Thats I believe only $500 or so. But to be honest, you cant really go wrong with either! I have been a long time student of Matt and Liz’s, so I am probably a lot more familiar with them and their methods, but I recently did TASS and found it to be great also.

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