ShopBack Review – Can you really get paid for shopping?

ShopBack review from an experienced and long term investor on the path to Financial Independence

ShopBack Review

Read this ShopBack review to learn how you can start using ShopBack to get cash back on your purchases and earn money from shopping!

ShopBack has provided a way for online shoppers to benefit from cashback, savings and rewards by simply shopping online though their highly-popular retail platform. Every time you buy something through Shopback, they give you cash back by splitting an affiliate commission on the sale, and you can then withdraw the money to your PayPal or Bank account.

The Good

  • Free to sign up
  • Promotional Cash Back offers sometimes over 40%
  • Rewards and other perks
  • Massive range of cash back offers

The Bad

  • Can take up to 60 days to be paid cash back
  • Another ‘thing’ to sign up to and have your details in
  • Can tempt you to splurge unnecessarily
  • Wont have cash back offers for everything

Verdict: ShopBack is an easy way to get around 5% Cash back from most purchases

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Shopback review

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Shopback review

Introduction to ShopBack

Advances in technology have rapidly changed the way in which we live our daily lives. The introduction of online shopping has seen the retail industry boom in a whole new way and allowed us to enjoy the convenience and comfort of being able to shop from home and avoid those busy and chaotic shopping malls.

Over the last couple of years, more and more people have been discovering the benefits of signing up to shopping rewards programs – and ShopBack has become a clear favourite. So, what is ShopBack and why are so many people now using this particular platform? Read on to my ShopBack review for the answers to some commonly asked questions about this cashback reward program.

ShopBack review
Shopback allows you to shop online and receive cash back rewards which you can redeem straight back into your bank account

What is ShopBack?

ShopBack is a cashback reward program that was started in 2014. It gives shoppers access to discount codes and coupons to save money at hundreds of Australia’s most popular online stores. ShopBack is available in 8 countries and has more than 13 million members signed up to the platform across the globe. The program can be accessed via the ShopBack website or through the ShopBack App. For convenient shopping at your fingertips, the App can be downloaded direct to your phone, but I would warn that it might entice you to make more purchases than you normally would – so if that’s the case perhaps try and stick to using the site only.

Shopback allows its members to have a small percentage of their purchases paid for through affiliate programs by the merchant. The additional coupons, voucher codes and daily deals that are also on offer means that shoppers receive worthwhile benefits for purchasing their goods online.

A few of the online stores that are available through ShopBack include eBay, Myer, Dan Murphy’s, Amazon, David Jones, Woolworths, and The Iconic. There really is something there for everyone. No matter what your style or preference when it comes to shopping – you are bound to find products you want on ShopBack.

Shopback review captainfi

Is ShopBack safe?

ShopBack is a registered company that has been set up to comply with any relevant legal business requirements. The company has also been recognised for its outstanding service thorough many awards since its inception. With 13 million users across 8 countries, Shopback is certainly a safe and secure way of shopping online. The online platform also includes various ways of accessing advice and support and customers are encouraged to reach out with any queries or issues related to the platform. If you would like to contact someone from ShopBack to seek support, you can easily get in touch through their customer support channel.

Shopback review: How does ShopBack work?

In order to use ShopBack, clients are required to first register an account so that they can quickly and easily log into the site. To set up a ShopBack account within Australia, visit the following link: Cashback + Coupons & Discount Codes in Australia | ShopBack

Shopback review

After logging in, customers can search through their favourite online stores and immediately begin making purchases. Each purchase will accrue a certain amount of cashback that will be applied at the checkout. When going through the checkout, cashback rewards are credited back to the client, and they are able to be withdrawn and deposited right back into the client’s bank account. For more information about how ShopBack works, click here: How ShopBack Works.

Shopback review

ShopBack review: How does ShopBack make money?

According to the ShopBack website, every successful purchase from an affiliate store will generate a commission. The store pays ShopBack an amount of money for each purchase, and it is this amount that is then shared with the shopper as their cashback reward. The cashback funds are returned to the shopper’s account and once the store has validated and approved the funds that have been earned – it is free and available for the customer to redeem.

When can you withdraw from ShopBack?

In Australia, when a customer has accumulated at least AUD10 dollars in their ShopBack account balance, they are able to withdraw the funds directly to their bank account. This can be done via Paypal or bank transfer and once the request for withdraw is received, the funds should be available within 3-5 working days.

Shopback review

The maximum amount that is able to be withdrawn in one day is $300 and clients are able to view their balance at any time, securely through the website or App. Whilst some people like to withdrawer their cashback reward funds immediately, others like to let their rewards accumulate and withdraw a bigger lump sum at a time of their choosing.

ShopBack review
Don’t forget, cash back rewards are only a smart way to shop if you were going to buy that product or service anyway! Shopping online like this can be a temptation to spend more than we usually would!

ShopBack review: Does ShopBack expire?

The cashback funds that have accumulated in a person’s ShopBack account will expire if the account remains inactive for more than a year.

An account is deemed inactive when there have been no successful transactions made through the ShopBack platform. After a period of a year, any accumulated funds that have been sitting in the account will indeed expire. The ShopBack terms and conditions are very clear about cashback expiry and you can read more about this in the terms and conditions

Who owns ShopBack?

ShopBack is a company that currently has 8 members on their Executive team, including CEO and Co-founder Henry Chan. 

ShopBack began in 2014, when former hostel mates, Henry Chan and Joel Leong joined the Zalora platform and gained enough knowledge and skills to begin their own cashback reward platform. Since then, the company has experienced significant growth and success – making it a multi-million-dollar company with millions of shoppers benefiting from the purchases they make online each and every day.

Shopback review


With the vast array of online stores available, it makes good financial sense to consider if a platform like ShopBack can indeed help you save money. When it comes to the purchase of products that you are going to buy regardless – such as groceries from Woolworths – why not shop in a way that you can also save money in the process. With many positive reviews to be easily found online, it is no wonder that 15 million people have chosen to use ShopBack as their chosen online shopping platform. In our technology driven society, we are finding better and more convenient ways to run our lives. It is certainly worthwhile exploring how ShopBack can help you save time and money. It certainly seems like a smart way to shop!

Verdict: ShopBack is an easy way to get around 5% Cash back from most purchases

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