Finance blogs: The Best Financial Independence and Personal Finance blogs

Finance blogs – the best financial independence and personal finance blogs from Australia and the World!

There are some pretty amazing bloggers in the FIRE / personal finance sector, as well as some great stuff on social media channels. I want to give you a run down on some of the ones I found the most influential and learned the most from. You should most certainly be tracking these writers and listening to their powerful (if somewhat Anti-establishment) messages. Most have blogs with hundreds of articles, and some even have podcasts that you can listen to at home, in the car or on the go making it really accessible and easier than ever to gain insights, inspiration and motivation on your journey to Financial Independence.

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3 Finance Blogs from around the world

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finance blogs

Finance blogs – the Captain’s Top reads

In my opinion, these are the world’s BEST Financial Independence blogs. These cover earning, frugality, saving, investing, psychology, minimalism, stoicism and early retirement in extreme detail. Most of these authors have meticulously documented their process from start to finish, allowing you to copy exactly what they did so that you can reach Financial Independence. These are finance blogs you should be following, absolutely no questions asked, as you will learn an incredible amount from them (as did I)

Mr Money Mustache

Mr Money Moustache, aka Peter Adeney from America is one of the most infamous bloggers on the FIRE scene. MMM started this epic personal finance blog in 2011. It has since grown into almost a cult following of ‘Moustachians’ which promote the virtues of financial independence. MMM details his journey from working as a software engineer and being able to retire in 2005 aged thirty through hard work, frugality and savvy investing.

You can check out his blog at that is packed full of great advice, amazing stories and cold hard facts. I’ve learned a lot from MMM, especially the satisfaction behind being frugal and how delayed gratification leads to much greater success.

He regularly contributes to his blog, and the comments section are usually pretty lit, with a lot of engagement from his ‘Mustachian’ followers. His website is just massive and there is a huge wealth of free information available to read

MMM has featured in countless radio and television interviews, podcasts, other blogs and YouTube videos – all based upon his ‘shockingly simple math behind early retirement’. If there is one blog I think you should look into, I highly recommend that it is Mr Money Moustache!

Mr Money Mustache Captain FI

JL Collins – The simple path to wealth

JL Collins is the Godfather of Personal finance! He wrote an amazing blog called The Simple Path to Wealth’ which has some pretty amazing content.

One of the best series within the blogs has to be his Stocks Series, which contains basically all you need to know about investing on your path to reach financial Independence. He has since collated, condensed and edited this entire blog into the book (with the same title as the blog) ‘The Simple Path to Wealth

He echoes the virtue of an incredibly simple investing portfolio of ulta low cost total stock market index fund ETFs. It is interesting to see how his investing attitude changes as the blog developed, and how he dropped the majority of Money markets (fixed interest bonds) and property out of his portfolio on his journey to 100% equities.

JL Collins now invests primarily only in index fund ETFs, with a small cash buffer and bond holding due to his growing age and being deep within the retirement phase of his life.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing JL Collins for the Captain FI Financial Independence Podcast, which has become one of my most popular interviews.

Do yourself a favour and watch this January 2018 interview of him at this ‘Talks at Google‘ (AKA ‘Ted’ Talk) event.

Mad FIentist

The Mad FIentist, or Mad ‘Financial Independence’ Scientist was launched in 2012 by American blogger and software engineer Brandon. The Mad FIentist details Brandon’s journey to financial independence through investing in ETFs. Brandon AKA the Mad FIentist was able to retire from workforce in 2016 age 34.

His blog the Mad FIentist provides an amazing inspiration and a load of free practical tools such as calculators, portfolio managers and travel hacking comparison tools. He also offers as a wealth of free research on topics spanning investing, tax minimisation, as well as the general psychology of investing and FIRE specifically. He opens up and is very raw and genuine about his own experiences chasing FIRE, especially talking about his own mental head-space and I think he should be commended and respected for that.

I love reading his blogs but some of his best work are the podcasts. These are pretty long, and packed full of great information. I love re-listening to the podcasts whilst driving, and I’ve picked up a load of useful lessons and strategies from him, sometimes on the third or fourth listen.

The Mad FIentist

Meet the Frugalwoods

Elizabeth and Nate Thomas lived a normal suburban life, they had a house, careers as professionals, good savings and had started a young family. But they were becoming increasingly tired spending the majority of their days working without really seeing an end in sight.

They decided to pursue a ‘tree-change’ dream and to become as self sufficient as they could. To achieve this, the young family embraced frugality to achieve a savings rate of over 70%. For three years Elizabeth blogged about their journey, which some saw as extreme frugality, but to them just became the new normal.

Instead of catching a movie, the family took their *frugal hound* down to the dog park. Instead of going to a restaurant, Elizabeth and Nate cooked up many wonderful whole food Veggie based meals at home. Their frugal lifestyle was less about sacrificing, but more about replacing expensive activities; substituting them with more wholesome community and family based events

We don’t stress out about impressing people with material possessions, buying the latest gadgets, or keeping up with the Jones’. In the process, I discovered self confidence and liberation that stems from disavowing our culture’s promise that we can buy our way to ‘the good life

The Frugalwoods

Elizabeth and Nate eventually reached achieved their goal, reaching Financial Independence and buying their dream acreage in Vermont. To maintain Financial Independence and their current homestead lifestyle, they continue many of their ‘frugal’ ways. This has brought them a sense of peace and accomplishment, as they have removed themselves from the rat race. They continue to live there to this day, where they raise their two children.

Elizabeth is now a published author of Meet the FrugalWoods, her book describing exactly how they did it all.

You can listen to my podcast with Liz HERE too.

The Aussie Firebug

The Aussie Firebug is hands down my all time favorite of the FIRE and financial independence blogs. The Aussie Firebug was started by Australian software engineer Matt in 2015 in which he blogged about his pathway to financial independence.

The Aussie Firebug was one of the first bloggers I really got on board with, and helped me to discover FIRE from an Australian perspective. Whilst a lot of bloggers present great information and reasoning, The Aussie Firebug goes that one step further and gives you detailed information (including YouTube tutorials) about the actual steps you need to take to pursue FIRE, i.e. how to start a brokerage account, how to invest in shares, how to fill out a tax treaty form etc.

The Aussie Firebug started his investing journey with a foray into property investment, and (just like Strong Money Australia) has since refocused his efforts into index funds through ETFs and LICs in a manner similar to Mr Money Moustache and the Mad FIentist.

His website is a great wealth of resources and features informative and entertaining podcast interviews. The Aussie fire bug also provides useful step by step guides which really resonated with me, as we have come to a number of independent conclusions and use many of the same products.

AFB has a strong community engagement and also runs dedicated ‘Ask Firebug Friday’ blogs where he interacts directly with his followers. His blogs are fun to read and its clear that the Aussie Firebug has a great sense of humour, is hard working and is just generally pretty down to earth Aussie. His style of writing clearly resonates with younger Australians.

Aussie Firebug

Strong Money Australia

Strong Money Australia (SMA) is a blog created between Dave and his partner which details their journey to FIRE. SMA are from Perth, Australia, and started their financial journey with property investing. Although initially focused on property with portfolio or net worth / capital investing, Dave and his partner shortly discovered the amazing benefits of income investing. They detail their journey of realising how low cost ETFs and LICs can provide a diversified and regular stream of income allowing them to reach FIRE sooner. SMA writes on and give comprehensive guides on how to transition from a property to an index fund based portfolio

Strong Money Australia

The SMA website also features a comprehensive discussion on low cost ETFs and low cost LICs and why investing for increasing dividend streams is their primary effort. Whilst Dave is now purely concentrating on buying only LICs as his preferred index fund investment vessel/structure (over ETFs), I still love ETFs due to their simple trust structure so I buy both ETF and LICs. There is some great discussion on his blog as well as links to some other great blogs on this topic.

I enjoy spending hours tabbing through all of Dave’s blogs on my tablet whilst sitting down with a nice pot of tea on my balcony, and with over a hundred quality articles its never hard to find one I am interested in. SMA regularly release new blogs with relevant and insightful information, so I highly value his experience in the FIRE scene.

Strong Money Australia
The SMA family

Dave Recently teamed up with Pat from the Life Long Shuffle to produce the Fire and Chill Podcast, which is a great regular podcast which tackles some of the big issues people face on their journey to Financial Independence.

Finance blogs from Australia

Don’t be discouraged when you see a lot of international names from the likes of the United States, Canada, Europe, or bloggers who have used geoarbitrage and now blog from tropical areas in South East Asia or South America – Financial Independence, Retire Early is very much alive in Australia too and we are spoilt with some pretty amazing content creators and bloggers here which can show you exactly how they are optimising FI for the australian financial landscape.

Pat the Shuffler

Unfortunately, due to the issues with ASIC, Pat has temporarily removed all content from his website.

Pat the shuffler, aka Pat Syrak, runs the blog ‘Life long shuffle’. Like other FIRE bloggers, Pat has been featured in a lot of main stream media interviews. Pat is really open about his progress towards FIRE, and publishes his financial independence progress tracker and net worth sheets every month (similar to the Aussie Firebug).

Pat is a 30 year old Engineer and I definitely felt a sense of instant rapport with him since I started my aviation career in engineering too (this means we probably ate the same amount of instant Ramen noodles whilst trying to work out questions and assignments on mechanics of solids, finite element analysis and programming). Like myself, Pat is also from Sydney, Australia which is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

One of the resources Pat gives away for free on his site is his LIC discount estimator. Pat also has a wealth of other resources on his website as well as some great blogs on topics related to FIRE such as home cooking, travel, frugality, and shopping / budgeting.

Pat Recently teamed up with Dave from Strong Money Australia to produce the Fire and Chill Podcast, which is a great regular podcast which tackles some of the big issues people face on their journey to Financial Independence.

The FI Explorer (Fat-FIRE)

The FI explorer details the journey of a 40-something year old FIREstarter who is a little further down the path than most. Whilst the FI explorer doesn’t post a lot, the content on the FI Explorer is very straightforward and to the point. The FI explorer is very open and honest about his investments, and the majority of his posts provide detailed investment breakdowns and monthly portfolio reviews.

From what I can tell, it looks like the FI explorer is chasing what is sometimes referred to as FatFIRE, or reaching a point of Financial Independence on a larger passive income without the need for frugality. His goals is to obtain a portfolio of approximately (AUS) $2M, to allow a passive income of over $80,000 per year.

At the time of this article, The FI explorer has a portfolio of approximately (AUS) $1.7M. Whilst many of his peers may have thrown in the towel and quit their job on the passive income that this would produce, it is clear that the FI explorer likes his job and is happy to continue to work for the ability to spend more in retirement.

The FI explorer invests mainly in diversified Australian ETFs, his largest ETF holding being Vanguard High Growth Fund, then Betashares Australia 200 ETF (ASX:A200) and then Vanguard Australian shares (ASX:VAS). The FI explorer does not particularly like LICs due to their structure, so he doesn’t invest in them at all. He does however, invest in other areas which conventional FIREstarters avoid such as Bonds, directly owning shares in companies, Gold (physical and gold ETFs), Bitcoin and in Peer to Peer lending.

FI explorer Captain FI

Frugality and Freedom – Slow FI

Michelle from Frugality and Freedom is a mid-30s South Australian on the path to financial independence. She writes about her journey to FI in an Australian context, and has been on her journey since 2012. Michelle writes about ‘Slow FI’ from the perspective of having a modest income, being a single woman, enjoying a semi-nomadic lifestyle and enjoying frequent travel, and taking a socially and environmentally aware approach to pursuing FI. Her blog themes include

Embracing frugality: Bringing intentional to your spending, saving for your goals, being resourceful to solve problems, and increasing your self-reliance.

Growing wealth: Understanding investing in Australia, experimenting with side hustles and micro-businesses, and creating work you love.

Enjoying travel and adventure: A passion of mine! Getting to know how to travel affordably and authentically, including combining this with location independent work.

Practicing minimalism: Honing in on what you value most – in your time, money, possessions and energy – and then letting go of the rest

Ensuring alignment: As with minimalism, ensuring that how you live and how you use money aligns with your values and goals.

Michelle, Frugality and Freedom


 “A late 40s woman from Melbourne who discovered FIRE in 2018. She writes about her struggles and wins as a way to be accountable; and add an ‘older’ voice to the FIRE community.”

Burning Desire for FIRE

“I’m in my mid 50’s, I’ve achieved FI but am yet to RE. (Though I am planning to go part-time next year on what I call a glide-path to retirement.) I’m single, female and have 4 boys in their twenties. I write from a late-starter’s perspective, but coming from the viewpoint of someone who started with literally nothing ($60 cash and 4 boys under 5 years old.) I’ve been able to achieve financial independence on a teacher’s wage as a single parent.”

The Joyful Frugalista 

“Serina Bird is a former diplomat, author of The Joyful Frugalista, co-host of the podcast, This Abundant Life, and a money coach. Serina’s vision is to encourage people to become frugalistas – spending less and saving more (with joy) on the path to financial empowerment”.

All About Balance 

“I’m Miss B, a 30-year-old Sydney-sider who is keen to create a life where I don’t have to stress about money. I share my story at All About Balance; this mostly looks like tips and tricks on saving, investing, and growing your income while maintaining strong relationships and a healthy body and mind. I’m all about reaching financial independence while still having a life now.”


This is a blog about having enough money to have a high income and be financially independent after retiring early, or HIFIRE for short.

That Girl on FIRE

“I’m a 27-year-old copywriter living in Sydney, Australia with my husband, the affectionately named Captain Babestick (he has not approved this), and little rescue cat. I write about my favourite things ever. Minimalism and money. Intention and money. Generosity and money. The three things that underpin a successful financial life.”

Late Starter FIRE

Hello, I am in my late forties and live in Australia. I am just discovering the exciting concept of FIRE, that is Financially Independent Retire Early. Have I left it too late … or is it NEVER too late to begin the journey? I invite you to join me as I traverse my path to financial independence and maybe or maybe not, retiring early.

The Frugal Samurai

“I’m just an average guy who grew up in Sydney in the early 90’s. Growing up, no one showed me how to become financially independent so I taught myself how to make money and attain wealth. As a millennial, I am fascinated with the concept of FIRE (financial independence retiring early, not y’know, arson), a concept which is almost non-existent here in Australia. Recently, I achieved a goal I set early on of $1m in net assets before 30.”

Project Palm Tree

“My name is Shaun and I blog at Project Palm Tree. I love to write about reducing stress, personal finance, and living a life that you love. During the first year of writing this blog, I stumbled across the FIRE movement and it has become an obsession. Being 53 and trying to retire by 60, I definitely fit into the LATE 2 FIRE space.”

Keepin It Frugal

“We’re Sarah and Laura from Keepin It Frugal, a blog all about consuming less to live more with every dollar. We write for the people who know there is more to life than working in order to feed materialistic addictions. Follow our adventures as two Australians on our path to FIRE, through frugality and wellness.”


“Alex and Ellie are a pair of 30-somethings from Brisbane looking to FatFIRE before the age of 45. We blog weekly on how we’re combining highly frugal living with investing to reach our lifestyle goals – and we’re now over half way there. Come say hey back to us!”

Dividends Down Under

“We are: A happily married mid-20s couple, with a baby (Baby DDU) and a cat. We have a dream & a goal that one day, sooner than you’d think, we will be financially independent with our investment income paying for the life we want to live as early as possible.”


“We are a married couple in our 30s. We had our first child in 2019 and currently live in Sydney. Before moving back to Australia in 2015, we lived in several different countries (mainly in Europe) for over a decade. We love the outdoors, spend a lot of time in nature and on the water and just enjoy life in general. We have a lot of different interests and a long list of projects we’d like to get stuck into as soon we leave our corporate careers. We both work for large international companies and don’t mind our jobs (for now). But we can’t wait to leave the 9-5 and do more of what we enjoy most – exploring, learning, building, travelling, aaaand – fulfilling work! (Yes, you read that correctly and yes, this is a FI blog”

Miss Flamingo

Shes on the Money

She’s on the Money exists because I want to see you take the reins on your life so you can steer towards those exciting goals ahead. We all know addressing the money side of your life plans can often be overwhelming and uninspiring, however it’s one of the most important things you will do for your future. The earlier you get on top of your finances, the bigger the impact it has long term. Today is the day to take charge.

Victoria Divine

Rask Media

Rask Media is the news and publishing arm of Rask Australia. Rask Australia is a diversified investment advice, news, research, financial education, podcast and money network which is Australian-owned and created right here in sunny Melbourne. Our company was founded in 2017 by Owen Raszkiewicz, originally to provide financial and investment education to the majority of Australians and Kiwis who go without. 

Your Money And your life

Your Money and Your life is a blog run by David Koch based on his channel 7 TV show of the same title. The website describes itself as a daily source of news, info, and advice from all sorts of people, covering things like property, savings and budgeting, managing household finances, dealing with credit, sorting out your super, and getting into investing. They also produce a weekly newsletter from David Koch where he shares his thoughts on the week’s news and what it means for you.

Finance Blogs from around the world

There is a load of great Financial Independence blogs popping up on my radar and I am always interested to check them out. Some other FIRE blogs that I am following include;

How to FIRE

How To FIRE is a financial independence and early retirement website that makes personal finance topics easy, motivating, and tangible. We’re personal finance nerds who discovered the FIRE movement and accomplished the following:

  • Paid off over $60,000 in auto/student debt
  • Bought a house by 21
  • Saved over 50% of their income
  • Sam quit her job to become a full-time entrepreneur by 24
  • Reached CoastFI by 25
  • Saved a fully-funded emergency fund
  • Set up sinking funds for everything they could possibly need
  • Grew their side hustles into a combined multi-six figure per year income

Adventures With Poopsie

We’re normal, average people who are choosing a different path in life. Some think we’re a bit weird for doing so, but we are confident we’re heading in the right direction.

FIRE by Thirty-Five

“I’m on a quest for financial independence so I can retire early to the country with dogs, cows and an excellent glass of wine. Right now, I’m working in a concrete jungle. Tag along with me, it should be a great journey.”

FIRE For One

“I blog at FIRE for One about my discovery of, and journey towards, FIRE. A latecomer to the FIRE movement, I’m a single woman in my early 50s looking primarily to ensure that I’ll be okay financially during retirement. I started getting my financial act together nearly three years ago, and discovered FIRE through my Barefoot Investor membership. At the moment, I’m challenging myself to improve my savings rate over the 2019-20 financial year. My main FIRE-related interests are women’s finance (naturally!), financial issues of being single, politics and social equity issues. My selection of articles is based around these themes.”


With 1,534 posts since he started blogging in 2006, Enough Wealth has amassed a portfolio of over (AUD) $2.6 Million and blogs about money, investing, and politics.

Choose FI

“Your Journey To A Happier, Healthier Life. When you have control of your finances, instead of the other way around, you’ll find that there is so much more to experience in life than the debt and paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.”

Choose FI

A Wealth of Common sense – Ben Carson

A Wealth of common sense by Ben Carson is packed full of great content and I have enjoyed binging his articles from time to time. I think its definitely worth a read, however full disclaimer – Ben works for an investment / management firm and this blog forms part of his business advertising / model. Ben is a financial advisor, and an accomplished author – having published several books. Ben also has a great podcast – Animal Spirits. I think it is well worth listening to Bens experience!

“Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” The main reason I started this website is to try to explain the complexities of the various aspects of finance in a way that everyone could understand them. Both the economy and the financial markets are complex adaptive systems, but I’ve never found complex problems require complex solutions.

Common sense and self-awareness are extremely underrated attributes in the world of finance. Less is more is one of my guiding principles. Perspective and understanding can get you much further than tactics or textbook knowledge. I’ve always found that the most intelligent people I’ve learned from over the years are able to simplify to make any topic more understandable and put difficult concepts into common sense language. That’s always been my goal here as well.”

Ben Carson, A Wealth of Common sense

A purple life

In 2015 I started this blog and hatched a plan to retire in 10 years at 35. With the help of decreased spending, increased wages, and geoarbitrage I reached my goal in half the time and retired in 2020 at age 30. This blog catalogs my journey to and through early retirement.

A Purple Life

I interviewed Purple on the CaptainFI Financial Independence podcast at the end of 2020 when she first reached FIRE and left her job

Camp FIRE Finance

Camp FIRE is a content curation site AND a personal finance website. We’re for those seeking FIRE, by those seeking FIRE.  We exist for two reasons: To improve lives by improving finances and To connect personal finance bloggers to new readers Many struggle financially not because they are broke, but because they are broken financially. They don’t know how to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and can’t get ahead financially. Life is better in nearly every conceivable when you have money and know how to manage it. Camp FIRE Finance exists to help people improve their lives by teaching them how to improve their finances and reach financial independence.

Camp FIRE Finance

Think Save Retire

Think Save Retire is a blog about achieving financial independence! Our mission is to share tools, resources, and stories from experts about how to make your money work for you, so that you can live the lifestyle you design. Building wealth isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think. In fact you can find the tried and true methods in a lot of different places on the internet. However, the world of investing and personal finance can be very confusing. With so many different terms, and abstract concepts, it can get overwhelming if you don’t have someone to show you the ropes. Our goal is to break down the concepts into plain English so that anyone can be confident that they have the tools to build wealth and live their life outside of the rat race.

Think Save Retire

The Fioneers

Hi, we’re Jess and Corey. We’re the founders of The Fioneers, a financial independence blog that we started together in September 2018. First, a little bit about ourselves. We are in our thirties, both work for mission-driven nonprofit organizations, and we love talking about money. We also love all types of adventure, whether it’s exploring a new country, learning a new language, or exploring the great outdoors. We have a goal to travel to 100 countries together before we get too old to travel. We’ve visited eight countries so far, but we hope to have more time to do that once we’re financially independent location independent. Simply put, we like to dream big. We started the Fioneers as a way to track our journey to financial independence. If there’s anything we have learned so far, Financial independence has many definitions.We choose to think of financial independence as: the point at which our assets produce enough sustainable income to cover our living expenses. This is not just about the money, but more importantly about the freedom that comes with it. The name “The Fioneers” comes from a combination of: Financial Independence (FI) + Pioneers. We think the name fits well with our deep-rooted love of adventure. It’s also a constant reminder to enjoy the journey.

The Fioneers

Our Rich Journey

We’re a family of four from the San Francisco Bay Area. We were federal government employees until . . . one day . . . we both just up-and-quit our jobs! That’s right! In August 2019, we quit our jobs and RETIRED at the age of 39.   Sounds unbelievable – for parents with two young kids to be able to retire at 39, right?  Well, for us – retiring before 40 took a lot of planning and intentional decision making. And it all began eight years ago (in 2011), when we embraced the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement.  In pursuing FIRE, we constantly thought of creative ways to make and save extra money to invest.  And after eight years of smart, consistent, and (frankly) boring investments – we grew our stock market portfolio to an amount that allowed us to quit our jobs without ever having to work again.  Want to learn everything we did to achieve FIRE? Check out all of our blog articles and our Youtube channel!

Our Rich Journey

Physician on FIRE 

Physician on FIRE is a personal finance website created to inform and inspire both physicians and our patients with insightful writing from a physician who has attained financial independence and the ability to retire early. The site has a triple aim to leave visitors enlightened, educated, and entertained.

Physician on fire

Millennial Money

Hi, I’m Grant Sabatier, the creator of Millennial Money author of Financial Freedom, and the founder of the Financial Freedom Summit. Making financial freedom accessible to all is my mission and passion. Since 2015, more than 10 million readers have visited Millennial Money to learn about how to save more money, start a side hustle, make more money, invest intelligently, fast-track financial independence and reach early retirement. I’ve been featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNBC, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, ABC Nightline, Money Magazine, and many others. I even got to hang out with Rachael Ray on her daytime ABC Show!

There’s truly a movement happening. More and more Millennials are realizing that the “old school” retirement narrative isn’t the goal and it’s actually possible to reach financial independence at a young age. I did at age 30. See how below. I know many other Millennials who have too. It’s actually a lot easier than you think.My passion is connecting and helping as many people as possible make smarter financial decisions, build more successful companies, reach financial independence, and live richer lives.

Grant Sabatier

Retire by 40

I started Retire By 40 to keep track of my early retirement journey. It was a place to share my aspiration for Financial Independence. This was where I planned my exit strategy from the corporate world and our readers kept me accountable. I had to make a detailed plan and follow through. Eventually, I gave my notice and left the corporate world forever in July 2012.

Wow, did it take just 2 years to achieve FIRE (financial independence retire early)? Not really. I had been saving and investing since I started working full time in 1996. My wife was also a huge part of the equation. She is frugal and fully supports this journey. She was pregnant when I told her I’m starting a blog – Retire By 40. Of course, she didn’t like that one bit. However, she got on board when I showed her that we could maintain our lifestyle without my engineering career.

Retire by 40

Accidental FIRE

My story?  I’m a guy in his late 40’s who woke up one day and realized I’m financially independent, at least according to the 4% rule.  How the heck did I get there?  Well, I worked really hard, spent way less than I made, and I invested the rest.  Religiously. 

I did this without the conscious goal of an early retirement, until that became a sub-culture “thing” (is it a cult yet?) and I stumbled across Mr. Money Mustache one day.  What a wonderful surprise huh?  Many are on a journey striving to get to financial independence, laboriously counting the years, while I was seemingly strolling down the street and tripped over it. 

Thus the name of my blog, it was kinda accidental.  No inheritances, no lottery winnings, no trust fund.  I earned every penny, except for those pennies earned by my hard-working employees (the other pennies) who work for me every day in the stock market. I love those dudes.  I should put them in for an award come to think of it.

Accidental FIRE

Financially Alert

Hi, my name is Michael Quan. I’m a dedicated family man, financial coach, and author of The F.I.R.E. Planner (release date May 4, 2021).My passion is helping others to achieve financial freedom and live intentionally.

I reached financial independence (F.I.) in my 30s and retired early (R.E.) from a traditional career when I was 36. This was made possible through a combination of aggressive saving & investing, entrepreneurship, and real estate.

However, none of this would have been possible without a positive mindset. I attribute this to great parents, mentors, coaches, and of course, some luck and grace from up above.Now it’s my turn to help others to become financially alert. This means openly sharing the knowledge, strategies, and beliefs that can fuel financial freedom for life.

Financially Alert

Early Retirement Now

I hope I don’t disappoint anyone by revealing that my real name isn’t Ern. Or Big Ern. But I am a big guy, at 6’6″ (just under 2 meters), which explains why the name “Big Ern” stuck! My real name is Karsten. I am originally from Germany but came to the U.S. in 1995. Initially as an exchange student at Purdue University and then for my Master’s and Ph.D. in economics at the University of Minnesota. After graduating, I got my first “real” job at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and I also did a number of side gigs/hustles: teaching both undergraduate and Ph.D.-level economics at Emory University in Atlanta. In 2008, I moved to San Francisco to join the research department of a large investment manager and since 2010 I also hold the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

I retired from my finance job in June 2018 after a nice, productive 10-year run. Right after leaving my job, we went on a 20+ country trip around the world and we’re now settling down in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just outside of Vancouver, Washington.

Early Retirement Now

I recently interviewed Karsten on the Captain FI Financial Independence Podcast, which should come out soon!

Her first $100K

I was put on this earth to fight for women’s financial rights. I’m here to help you make what you’re worth, build wealth, and fight the patriarchy. Because a financial education is the best weapon we’ve got.

Toni , her first $100K

One Frugal Girl

Hi, I’m Jewels, otherwise known as One Frugal Girl. I am a forty-year-old wife, mother, blogger, personal finance enthusiast, optimist, former software developer, and achiever of financial independence. This blog is my story. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

One Frugal Girl

Tread Light, Retire Early

I’m Angela, a Pacific Northwest native who hates most seafood, loves to garden, cook, hike, camp, run, read, and explore, while lightening my impact on the planet in everything I do.

I’m a mama to one awesome five year old son and have been married since I was just twenty one. I work as a LEED AP for a company that builds green, affordable communities in urban areas. I have no plans to quit but am still very much focused on financial independence because it will give me the option to say “I want to be here,” not “I have to be.”

Join me on my journey to tread lightly and (maybe) retire early.

Tread Light, Retire Early

Travelling Wallet

Hi, I’m The Roamer a 32 year old, wife and mother of 2 kids. I write about our goals to reach Financial Independence by 40. On our path to max out savings, we paid off over 100K of debt. We’ve taken a 4 month mini retirement and traveled internationally with our kids. Join us on our journey we’d love to have you around.

Travelling Wallet

Chief Mom Officer

My name is Liz, and I’m 39 years old. I have three wonderful boys – ages 15, 12, and 4 – and have been married to my stay at home dad husband for the past seventeen years.

I’m an IT project manager by day and someone who writes and talks about money on the internet by night. Personal finance and investing has been a hobby and passion of mine since I was a teenager. A huge part of my success, and overcoming obstacles, has been reading inspiring stories of other women who had done the same.

Now I bring together my love of personal finance, desire to help others succeed, passion for teaching my kids about money, and stories of other successful women – whether they be breadwinning, six figure, millionaires or women seeking financial freedom here on Chief Mom Officer.

Our Next Life

Our Next Life is written by Tanja Hester, author of Wallet Activism: How to Use Every Dollar You Spend, Earn, and Save as a Force for Change and Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny-Pinching Way. She retired at the end of 2017 at the age of 38 along with her husband Mark Bunge, who was 41.

Our Next Life

Mixed Up Money

Welcome to Mixed Up Money — the best blog ever (self-confidence is essential, guys). This award-winning Canadian personal finance website launched in 2015, a time in which the only things that existed in my life were night clubs, clothing stores and debt. Nowadays, things are much different.

Since starting this blog, I have:

Paid off $15,000 of debt in 10 months

Paid for my wedding in full

Doubled my income and net worth

Saved a five figure emergency fund

Survived two years of parenting

Saved up and purchased my forever home

Released a journal to help you accomplish your financial goals

Through all of these milestones, my financial life has changed dramatically. For me, reading others’ stories and experiences sometimes makes overwhelming financial situations less stressful, and that’s our goal with this blog. As a woman who believes in financial equality, it’s become extremely important to me to be vocal in acknowledging the difficulties we face, and providing ourselves with the tools we need to succeed and be heard.

Here at Mixed Up Money, we don’t preach frugality, we don’t expect you to be perfect, and we certainly realize that money isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we tell stories of wins & failures when it comes to money. We also provide you with tips and tools to create a healthy vision of what financial success looks like — for you and only you.

Finances are way too complicated, outdated, and boring. But they don’t have to be. For a blog that originated as a way to hold myself accountable during the most stressful and difficult times in my life, it has become a passion that leads me here to share my story with you.

Mixed up Money

The College Investor

The College Investor is on a mission to help you escape student loan debt so that you can start building real wealth for the future. We help you navigate your personal finance decisions – so you can escape debt, earn more money, learn how to start investing, and more. We have been providing expert guides, reviews, tutorials, and more for our readers since September 2009. What started out as a personal finance blog by founder Robert Farrington has evolved into a financial media brand reaching millions of readers per month – across our website, podcast, and video channels.

College Investor

Go Curry Cracker

Go to school. Get good grades. Get a good job. Buy a house. Work for 30+ years. Be a good consumer. Retire on a golf course. For many, these are the ingredients for success. But life has more to offer those willing to change the recipe. By living in a small apartment in an old building, walking and biking instead of owning a car, and preparing most of our meals in our own kitchen, we were able to save a large percentage of our income. Instead of buying things and services, we learned new skills that reduced our expenses even further. By learning to invest, we turned those savings into a respectable income stream. Now still in our 30’s, instead of 2 weeks of vacation a year, we have 52. We are Jeremy and Winnie. Together we are Go Curry Cracker, a rallying cry we earned on our honeymoon hiking trip. This blog shares our journey.

Go Curry Cracker

Millenial Revolution

Welcome to the Millennial Revolution, a FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) site started by two computer engineers/children’s authors, FIRECracker (Kristy) & Wanderer (Bryce), who retired at 31 to travel the world!

Millenial Revolution

Check out my review of Kristy and Bryce’s book – Quit like a Millionaire

Learn Hustle Grow

Learn Hustle Grow is about creating a legacy! Investing in real estate allowed us to pay off 6 figures in debt, leave our corporate jobs and travel the world! We paid off our $300,000 mortgage in 5 years!  Understanding money changed our lives and we’re not done yet! Our goal is to leave a legacy for our children and their children.

Learn Hustle Grow

Journey to Launch

Journey to Launch emerged in 2016 by founder Jamila Souffrant initially as one person’s expedition to reach financial independence. After one year of logging her transformational growth to Financial Independence, the blog piqued the interest of a larger audience which inspired the launch of the podcast.

Journey to Launch

The Budget Mom

Before there was a successful finance blog. Before the life-changing budget and fully funded emergency savings account…there was a “broke rich” girl. Spending money on things that didn’t matter. Desperately trying to fit in. Not knowing how she was going to keep up with the minimum payments or put food on the table….

Rich and Regular

In 2012, we had our first conversation and argument about money. Luckily, we recovered from it and somehow gained the courage to tackle some really difficult conversations about money with our friends, family and each other. Over the next five years we paid off $200,000 in debt, dramatically boosted our net worth and learned a lifetime of lessons along the way.

We started rich & REGULAR in 2017 after our stint in real estate investing led us to discover the F.I.R.E movement. At that point, we’d listened to our friends complain about doing everything right, and still not really “feeling” happy with the financial progress they’d made. Our blog became a place where we not only shared in their frustrations, but offered solutions to a richer and happier life. We could not have imagined that just a few years later, we would sign a book deal with the world’s largest publisher, Penguin Random House. But that’s not all. Our blog has afforded us opportunities to work with incredible brands, world-class media and into the fast-paced world of digital entrepreneurship.

Today, rich & REGULAR has grown into a community of like-minded people and because of them, our mission became clear; to inspire better conversations about money.

Rich and Regular

Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance® is one of the largest personal finance platforms for women in the U.S. and we have consistently been voted one of the best finance websites for women.

Founded by Bola Sokunbi, we are a mission-driven financial empowerment platform aimed at providing women with the right products and services as well as financial guidance. We do this through our completely free resources including personal finance courses, one-on-one mentor calls, articles, audio content, an incredibly supportive community, and more.

Through our approach, we support our community in a fun, engaging, relatable, and non-judgmental way. Our team is dedicated to helping women to become accountable, ditch debt, save money, and build real wealth.

Clever Girl Finance

I like to dabble

Hey I’m Daniella, a serial side hustler, entrepreneur and cat lover. After my wife Alexandra and I were able to pay off $40,000 of debt with the help of side hustles, I fell in love with dabbling and the idea of financial freedom. Now I help other multipassionates start side hustles to gain back more control in their lives, careers, and financial futures.

Money Under 30

Money Under 30 may be geared towards young adults, but its wealth of financial advice is beneficial for readers across all age groups. The blog covers a wide range of topics, such as loan advice, budgeting tips, guidance on home and car purchases, and investing tips.

Afford Anything

Afford Anything, created by Paula Pant, is a personal finance blog that emphasizes the importance of mindful spending and investing. Paula’s philosophy is that by making conscious choices about where to allocate your money, you can “afford anything, but not everything.” The blog offers advice on real estate investing, passive income, and achieving financial independence.

Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit is your go-to source for the latest information on the best credit card, bank account, and brokerage account bonuses. The blog’s primary focus is to help you make the most of these financial perks, ensuring you don’t miss out on any valuable rewards or incentives.

Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai provides a comprehensive view of wealth, discussing how to obtain it and who is more likely to have it. With engaging and informative articles covering topics such as common characteristics of millionaires, successful investor mindsets, and retirement planning, this financial blog offers readers unique perspectives on real estate and more.

Money Saving Mom

The website is updated with multiple posts each day, including coupon codes, grocery budget examples, and freebies. You’ll also find a lot of inspirational content about how to prioritize your life’s passions and expand your income through multiple revenue streams. If you’re interested in blogging for money, MSM founder Crystal Paine offers many in-depth pieces on how to start and grow your own blog.

Good Financial Cents

Good financial Cents is run by Jeff Rose, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional (CRD #4572469), and author of the book Soldier of Finance. Jeff is also a husband, father of 4, and an Iraqi combat veteran having served in the Army National Guard for 9 years, including a 16 month deployment to Iraq in 2005.

20 something Finance

G.E. Miller writes about holistic lifestyle changes you can make to embrace a debt-free way of life. He started with significant debt and no savings and now saves 85% of his income.

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is the founder of Making Sense of Cents. Founded in in 2011, Making Sense of Cents has reached more than 20 million readers and Michelle has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, CNBC, Time, and Business Insider. Michelle and her husband used to live in an RV whilst they toured the United States, However now they are living on a sailboat and travel the world!

I started Making Sense of Cents to document my own journey towards financial freedom (one example – due to this, I was able to pay off $38,000 in student loans in 7 months) and to share my insights and tips on personal finance, budgeting, and making money. I am passionate about empowering people to take control of their finances and live the life they want.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Making Sense of Cents

I recently interviewed Michelle for the Captain FI Financial Independence Podcast, and I also took her course making sense of affiliate marketing, which I have thoroighly reviewed here – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

Retire in Progress

Mr RIP is an Italian software engineer living in Switzerland. He began blogging about Financial Independence and FIRE, tracking his net wealth and savings rate since 2016

Mr Fire Station

MrFIRESrtation was an office worker in a strategic marketing role, who retired at 50 after 26 years with the company. He shares his wisdom and planning that have gone into his journey to FI and retiring at 50 – aiming to help you ‘make your own FIRE escape).


The Escape Artist Barney is a FIRE blogger and financial coach from the UK. The Escape Artist has a huge blog with loads of free articles, and also offers a paid subscription service for access to a large amount of private FIRE and money coaching content which is behind a paywall.

I recently interviewed Barney the Escape Artist for the Captain FI Financial Independence Podcast and it was awesome to hear about his journey to financial independence.

Can I RETIRE yet?

Darrow Kirkpatrick, the founder of ‘Can I RETIRE yet’ began seriously investing and saving in his mid 30’s, and was able to retire under 20 years later on his 50th birthday. Darrow was an engineer and followed a traditional FIRE path of hard work, frugality and sensible investing. Darrow sets his top priorities as simplicity, reliability and safety, and has adopted a mission to help others become financially independent by writing about financial independence on his blog.

The Military Wallet

The Military Wallet is a personal finance and benefits website for military members, veterans and their families. Their goal is to help the military community better manage money and understand the variety of programs and benefits available to them.

The Military Wallet was founded by Ryan Guina. Ryan served over six years in the United States Air Force an aircraft mechanic, then joined the Air National Guard in 2014 after an 8.5-year break in service.

Dividend Growth Investor

The Dividend growth investor is a self-professed long-term buy-and-hold investor who focuses on dividend growth stocks. Their blog is a basic WordPress site with a newsletter but features thousands of posts of reviews and stock analysis, and is definitely worth checking out .

The Financial Mentor

Whilst not strictly a finance blog, the Financial Mentor is a financial coaching business founded by Todd Tresidder to educate business owners and investors about the wealth-building principles he learned from years as an entrepreneur in the investment management industry. Todd has written a bunch of books, including

  • The leverage equation
  • How much Money do I need to retire
  • The 4% rule
  • Variable annuity pros and cons
  • Investment fraud
  • Dont Hire a financial coach


I am George in my late 40s living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have earned millions of miles/points ever since I got into this hobby addiction in the mid 90s. I currently hold several million miles/points across 107 different loyalty programs. This blog is an eclectic journey in the travel miles/points blogosphere and I hope it improves your quality of life in a certain degree (mostly because of laughter or perhaps you learned something or even got inspired).

Mum’s Money

Mum’s Money is an online money magazine designed to help mums find ways to save more money, pay down debt, increase income and live their best financial life.

Run by Emma Healey, Emma started blogging about money in 2015 at, which has now been rebranded to Mums’Money. That site was started to share what Emma learned in her journey to financial freedom, but realized that a wide range of voices representing mums from all over the world was needed and Mum’s Money was born.


Fioney provides news, reviews, and tips on the tools, apps, and services that will help you improve your personal finances and run your small business. Our goal is to help you achieve your long term financial goals by optimizing all the small steps that ultimately add up over the long haul.

Dividend Power

I started writing investing articles fairly early in 2006 on Seeking Alpha. But life got busy with marriage, kids, work, and I stopped for a long time. I restarted writing articles on Seeking Alpha in late-2018. Writing articles provides a way for me to organize my thoughts on stocks and investing. I think it was my writings on SA that attracted the interest of other websites and newsletters.

I started the Dividend Power blog to provide a website that contains links to my writings from Seeking Alpha and other websites in one location. After some time, I expanded it to my own original articles exclusive to this blog. My articles focus on dividend growth investing, dividend stocks, building wealth, investing principles, retirement, and financial independence.

The Simple Balance

I’m June – minimalist for more than seven years, unschooling mom to five adorable and rambunctious kiddos, ages 13 to 4. Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Here at This Simple Balance, I write primarily about those big three ideas: minimalism, respectful parenting and unschooling (homeschooling). If you are interested in any of those topics, there is a place for you here!

Banker on Wheels’s mission is simple – Our vision is to make a small bike the symbol of resources investors can trust in an industry where intellectual honesty is rare.

Gen Y Finance Guy

Hey, I’m Dom. You’ll notice that I sign off as Gen Y Finance Guy on all my posts, due to the fact that I write this blog anonymously (at least for now). I like to think of myself as the Chief Freedom Officer here of my little corner of the internet. In the real world, I’m a 30-something former C-Suite executive turned successful entrepreneur. After becoming a die-hard believer and evangelist of the Slight Edge Philosophy, I wrote a 10-year vision for my life, and absolutely crushed it! I’m married to the wonderful Mrs. GYFG and we spent the first 13 years of our relationship enjoying the benefits of the DINK lifestyle (Dual Income No Kids), which had a massive positive impact on our careers and ability to build wealth rapidly – we now enjoy or more chaotic life with two kids.

This blog is about my journey as well as yours. I am trying to humanize finance by sharing my own journey to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I believe in total HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY. That is why before I ever started blogging, I decided that I would share all of my own financial stats. I do this not to brag, but instead to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and also to hold myself accountable. My goal is to be a beacon of hope, motivation, and inspiration for YOU, the reader, by living life by example and sharing it all here on the blog.

Dom, the Gen Y finance Guy

I interviewed Dom for the CaptainFI Financial Independence Podcast and it was really interesting to hear about how he launched and grew his business, and then managed a seven figure exit to retire early!

Accidentally retired

I am a 36 year old former CEO of a bootstrapped startup. My business partners and I built a business over the course of 10 years that eventually had 50+ full-time employees and generated over $15M a year in Revenue. We were kicking ass, and I was making some good money along the way.

But I realized that even with a lot of discipline to maintain my work life balance, I was not leading the life that I really wanted. I was obsessed with work. I was obsessed with achievement and building something great. But this obsession was not healthy and upon further review, I realized that I had stopped challenging myself.

So I engineered my exit in mid 2020 and inadvertently found myself Accidentally Retired.

Accidentally Retired is my journey to becoming a better father, husband, investor, and to conquer the ultimate question of how to live a happy life and be my best self.

Club thrifty

Holly Porter Johnson and Greg Johnson are the founders of and the authors of the book ‘Zero down your Debt’. Since getting out of debt, they have been able to travel the world, work for themselves, and build a life that they love – and now want to help others do the same

Madam Money

Tarra Jackson, aka Madam Money, is a popular Personal Finance Expert Media Contributor, TV & Radio Personality, Spokesperson, Brand Ambassador, award-winning International Speaker, and the best-selling author of “Financial Fornication,” “4 Financial Languages: The Secret to Communicating About Money,” and “The DUALpreneur Bible: 10 Commandments to Starting a Successful Side Business.”

Tarra’s extensive professional background in the financial services industry includes Bank Officer, Corporate Trainer, Vice President of Lending, as well as Executive VP and Interim CEO at an Atlanta GA-based credit union.

Believe in a Budget

Kristin quit her job within a year of starting Believe In A Budget to blog full time and provide Pinterest management services to fellow bloggers and businesses.

Today, she has converted her Pinterest business into multiple Pinterest products to help bloggers, businesses and other virtual assistants learn from her success, and in addition, teaches others how to side hustle with the free side hustle idea cheat sheet and the her Side Hustle to Success course.

Busy Budgeter

Rosemarie is an ex state trooper (police officer) who managed to pay off over $30,000 worth of debt, started her own business (home daycare) and realized the importance of budgeting and financial planning to a successful household. So, with the lessons she learned, she started the Busy Budgeter to share this information.

Irish FIRE Podcast

Welcome! My name is Michael and I am on a journey towards financial independence. In 2018 I started my journey towards financial freedom. I was sick of selling my time for money and realised that through the power of compounding interest, I could work towards financial independence. For me, the most important thing my money can buy is freedom for myself and my family. My ultimate goal is to build a portfolio that can cover our annual expenses – at that point, we will be truly financially independent. I record podcast episodes and provide monthly updates on my FI progress. Join me as I discuss my journey towards financial independence and hear about the challenges and successes I have along the way.

The Thrifty life

The Thrifty Life is a place to share my experiences on thriving while living a thrifty life. I want to inspire others that you really can thrive with a thrifty life! On here you will find the ways that I make and save money, from budgeting tips to recipes and more, all personally used and implemented over the years by us to reach our big financial goals, and which we continue to use to reach our goal of financial independence (FIRE).

Mr Money Wizard

Mr Money Wizard has been documenting his FI journey and has provided monthly net wealth updates since 2015, when he was 25 years old. Working in the finance sector, Mr Money Wizard studied finance and economics and he clearly has a passion for finance and financial education. Originally from Texas, and then Denver, MrMoneyWizard now lives in Minnesota.

Stacking Benjamins

Whilst the Stacking Benjamins show is actually an award-winning podcast, they have some awesome personal finance articles on their blog, too.

Enemy of Debt

My journey to debt freedom and financial independence began in January of 2008.  We became sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck and were finally mad enough to take action.  At that time, we did not have any savings, knew very little about budgeting and were buried under $26,076.75 of debt. In the first two months we were able to throw together our very first emergency fund ever of $2,000.  It took us only 18 more months to eliminate the retched debt from our lives and I can proudly say we never plan to borrow another dime ever again, for any reason.As I have found out, getting out of debt is only one piece of the puzzle. The journey continues well past debt freedom.

Freedom 35 Blog

Freedom 35 Blog is an anonymous personal finance blog written by a Graphic designer in Canada, under the pseudonym “Liquid”, who reached FI in 2020 and FIRE’d in 2022 with a net wealth of over $2M. He writes about his investing experience and stock analysis

Cash Flow Diaries

My name is Alexander and I am on the road to financial freedom.  I am trying to build a mini real estate empire so that I can be financially free, retire early and just be able to do whatever the heck I want in life!  My plan is to be financially free as soon as I am making 100k per year in passive income.

Please note I will remain somewhat anonymous because I am exposing all my actual net worth and real numbers to the world and we all know there are bunch of crazies out there not to mention my family doesnt even know I do this.

1500 days to freedom

I’m a family guy living in Colorado with my wife and two young children. I studied biology and chemistry in college, but somehow turned into a software developer. I’m 39 41 and my goal is to retire in 1500 days at the age of 43

The Frugal Farmer

we began, in January of 2013, a journey to get out of debt and build wealth. Our journey hasn’t been without its ups and downs. Turns out there were many hidden wrong beliefs about ourselves that had helped to contribute to our massive consumer debt load. 

So we’re sharing our journey to personal finance revelation and how that revelation is helping us to become debt free.

So many people suffer because of a lack of knowledge about money and why they spend it. Our goal is to help people overcome that lack of knowledge and move onto a new chapter in life: one where money and a lack of it doesn’t dominate their time and their thoughts.

We also share on this site the other two tenets of our newly discovered life: preparedness and homesteading

Engineering your FI

I’m an engineer to the core. With a BS, MS, and PhD in Aerospace Engineering, and about a decade of engineering industry experience, I definitely fit the engineering bill. Folks who have been in the FI community a while are probably not surprised by this admission though, as engineers seem to be disproportionately well represented in the FI universe.

I’m building some fantastic tools and visualization capabilities that communicate really clearly the best choices for big financial decisions. And I plan to bring some hard-nosed engineering logic to a lot of lifestyle decisions that can get you to FI a lot faster. 

You can listen to my podcast with Corwin from Engineering your FI too.

Coast FI guy

My life changed when my daughter was born. At the time, I was working 50 to 60 hours a week while aggressively saving for financial independence. I was checking all of the boxes to achieve FIRE, but something wasn’t right—I was stressed, overworked, and unhappy.

Then I heard about Coast FI.

I discovered that Coast FI is about building a life you love now by reaching a point where savings is optional.  So, I downshifted my career and began working flexibly to cover my living expenses. Now my investments are doing the heavy lifting, growing and compounding to provide a healthy future retirement. My decision to coast has allowed me to be the husband and dad I knew I could be—present, relaxed, and involved.

Done By Forty

FIRE’d to play more board games and, yeah, also parenting Toddler AF and Baby JC. Writing about personal finance, biases, and the middle class

Root of Good

Through careful saving and planning, I managed to accumulate enough wealth to make me financially independent which allowed me to retire at age 33.  When I retired in 2013 I expected to have fun, but not this much fun!

I have a lovely wife that tried to retire early in 2015 but kept working part time for six more months until she joined me in early retirement in 2016. We live in Raleigh, North Carolina with our three generally wonderful children

I retired Young

I decided to retire early, and stopped working at the end of 2016, when I was 47.  I’d been unhappy with my job for a while, reached a tipping point and decided it wasn’t smart to keep on doing something I didn’t enjoy.  I figured that life is for living and, if it turned out that quitting my job was a mistake, I could always fix that later.

The idea for this blog came from my research to find out what “not working” meant, what would I do, would I be bored, how much would it cost, would we run out of money?  I couldn’t find the answers, and thought that there may be other people searching for the same information.  Although our circumstances won’t exactly match, this blog will give my real life answers to these questions so that they can help you in your thoughts about early retirement. 

Diverse FI

Because I am not your typical FI.  I grew up in a nice middle/upper-class family.  I was afforded all the comfort I ever needed.  My father died when I was eight years old and left me his calling as a legacy.  So I became a physician.  My mom was an accountant and small business person, my stepfather a CEO of a healthcare company.

My attempts to retire early were met by various naysayers who told me that I needed 10 million or more to retire.  It was only after finding the FIRE community did I realize how ludicrous that number is. Although I am financially independent, the wall of fear has kept me from leaving work completely.  In fact, I am busier than ever with side hustles.  The difference is that now I only do that which is inherently pleasing.

I have blogged since 2008 in various forms about medicine.  I wrote two books and self-published.

This blog serves to help me make more concrete my ideas about personal finance, reach out to this amazing community, and maybe one day generate some revenue.

Abandoned Cubicle

I go by the moniker “Cubert” (He/Him). The anonymity allows me to keep a low profile while remaining employed in Corporate America. We don’t live a lavish lifestyle. But since achieving financial independence in 2020 we allow ourselves some fatFIRE indulgences. We keep two paid-off cars in the garage and we live in a modest, well-maintained 1,400-square-foot home.

I preach often in these pages about the importance of balance and avoiding regrets as we move from one day to the next in our increasingly hectic lives. This is not a “frugality above all else” kind of blog.

Accidental FIRE

Dave from Accidental FIRE blogs about behaviors and lifestyle factors that drive money decisions. The name of my blog, was kinda accidental.  No inheritances, no lottery winnings, no trust fund.  I earned every penny, except for those pennies earned by my hard-working employees (the other pennies) who work for me every day in the stock market. I love those dudes.  I should put them in for an award come to think of it. So here I am, a self-made FI-guy.  Am I retired yet?  Well, no.  Healthcare concerns and family concerns keep me working for now, but I’m scaled back to part time. 

Mr Tako Escapes

Mr. Tako is a financially independent father of 2 boys who reached his financial independence at the tender age of 38. Along with his wife, Mrs. Tako, they live in the rainy Pacific Northwest (of the United States).

The Retirement Manifesto

My wife and I achieved early retirement in June 2018 at the age of 55, and are sharing the lessons we’re learning along the way. We sold our primary home “in the city” and moved into a cabin in the North Georgia mountains as part of our downsizing strategy for retirement:

Route to Retire

Hi, I’m Jim – I’m just a regular guy who figured out the path to financial freedom and early retirement for myself and my family. I retired from my corporate job at the end of 2018 at the age of 43. We then moved to the country of Panama in the summer of 2019 for a new adventure where we lived until 2022. Yup, you heard that right… the country of Panama!

We’re back in the U.S. now and I’m hoping you’ll join me on our journey as I talk about what I’ve learned so far and as we figure out ways to optimize our strategy.

Financial Freedom Countdown

We will talk about a myriad of topics related to increasing income while thriving in a high cost of living location, investment options outside of stocks, bonds, and real estate, life optimization strategies, protection against disaster, travel, and anything related to intelligent financial planning. The goal is to live an abundant and purposeful life, not constrained by economic challenges.

Financial Mechanic

In 2015, I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now I work as a software engineer. I learned all I could about personal finance and calculated that if I saved, earned, and invested enough, I could become financially independent. I will do it before I turn 32.


Poor kid, to broke adult, to nearly financially independent. We started six-figures in debt and now have a seven-figure net worth and we did it all while working as public educators. That’s the quick version, but keep reading if you want more.

TicTocLife – From Financial Independence to Retire Early at 35

Welcome! Thanks for joining our story as we transition from two mid-thirties career-driven folks who reached FI at 33 to retire early at 35! We’re documenting our experience leaving full-time work, sorting out our financial needs, and our mistakes. All in real-time on this blog!

Trip of a lifestyle

The Trip Of A Lifestyle blog has a unique take on personal finance and adventure that can help you get rich, work less, and travel whenever you want. 


awcan is a Canadian personal finance and dividend investing blog that chronicles my quest for financial independence and joyful life.

I started this blog to show it is possible to achieve financial independence as a single-income family with two young kids while living in Vancouver Canada, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Nomad Numbers

We are a nomadic couple from France (the Mr.) and the US (the Mrs.). In 2018, we sold most of our possessions, moved out of San Francisco and quit our jobs to slow travel the world… indefinitely. We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to design a life that was true to ourselves. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to inspire others to do the same and achieve their ideal lifestyle. 

I interviewd mr NN from Nomad Numbers for the CaptainFI Financial Independence podcast

Lazy man and Money

Lazy Man and Money is my personal journal where I explore how I can save money and make more money. At least that was my goal when I got started in 2006. 

I will teach you to be rich – Ramit Sethi

Why does typical money advice focus on restriction? Don’t buy lattes. Don’t go on vacations. Don’t get new jeans. Just eat asparagus and hoard your money and maybe you can use it when you turn 80. Here’s a radical thought: What if you used your money to say “yes”? – A $5 coffee is not going to change your financial life. But learning how to automatically invest, how to select the right asset allocation, and how to negotiate a $15,000 raise will. Ask $30,000 questions, not $3 ones.

The Oblivious Investor

This blog is dedicated to spreading the idea that investment success is based upon stubbornly following a few (very simple) principles:

  1. Diversifying your portfolio,
  2. Minimizing costs (such as brokerage commissions, mutual fund expenses, and taxes), and
  3. Ignoring all the noise from the financial media about what the stock market does from day to day.

In other words, if your portfolio is properly set up, it’s OK to be “oblivious” to much of the financial media and most of the day-to-day happenings in the market.

My Money Blog

Hi! I’m Jonathan and I’ve been sharing my discoveries about money since 2004. Father, husband, self-directed investor, financial freedom enthusiast, and perpetual learner.

Part Time Money

My name is Philip Taylor, but you can call me PT. I live in North Texas with my beautiful (and frugal) wife and kids. There was a time in my late twenties when I wondered if I’d ever discover that idea that would allow me to escape the safe but unsatisfying career path I found myself on. I wanted true freedom.

Before I knew it, my personal finances had become a burden. I found myself more dependent on the corporate paycheck. I felt trapped with my car loans, student loans, and poor spending habits. Then I discovered some weird brave people on the Internet who were willing to share their success with money, side-hustling, and building a business.It was like I’d uncovered a secret society of people who were exposing the way the world actually worked.

I ate it up. These unknowing mentors gave me the fuel, confidence, and accountability I needed to start on my own journey toward financial freedom and entrepreneurial success. Three years later I left my job and started working on my side-hustle full-time.I’m now fully self-employed, supporting my family using the income generated from this site.

Inspired Budget with Allison Baggerly

In my personal journey to financial freedom, I’ve come to find that your budget is the foundation of your finances. Once you have a budget in place, your money dreams easily become your reality. I firmly believe that budgeting does not mean you have to sacrifice enjoying the things you love. Budgeting is more about creating a spending plan that inspires you and aligns with your goals and values.

Wealthy Nickel

My name is Andrew Herrig. I am a 30-something certified financial nerd with a Masters in Economics. In another life I’ve been a financial analyst and accountant. More importantly, I’m a husband and father of two young kids. I’ve always been interested in personal finance, and an admitted spreadsheet nerd. But I didn’t really put a lot of thought into my financial future until we were planning to have our first child.

I realized I needed to figure out this money thing, and how to provide for my family’s future. We wanted my wife to be able to stay home with our kids when they were young, so we needed to figure out how to live on one salary. We had already started dabbling in rental properties and decided to go all-in on this side hustle.

Radical FIRE

Radical FIRE is a personal finance platform that is all about financial independence. At Radical FIRE, you will learn to save money, make more money, and invest to optimize your way to freedom. We want you to reach your financial goals and have fun while doing it!

I’m Marjolein, and I decided in 2018 to turn my finances around. I want to become financially free and live the life of my dreams

Well kept wallet

Hi! My name is Deacon Hayes and I am a personal finance expert, speaker, and podcaster. I founded Well Kept Wallet in 2010 initially to share my story on how I paid off $52,000 of debt in only 18 months.

I was so excited about the process that I decided to become a Financial Planner with Ronald Blue and Company. After a few years of working with high net worth individuals, I realized I wanted something more. I wanted to reach the average person who was looking to better their financial lives. I then switched gears to figure out how to help people make money, save money and pay off debt; but this time through this website.

I was super excited to interview Deacon Hayes from Well kept Wallet on the CaptainFI Financial Independence podcast and I think youll enjoy this episode.

Budget Savvy Bride

Whilst not strictly personal finance, The Budget Savvy Bride is the #1 resource for couples planning a wedding on a budget. We’ve been helping couples plan Savvy Weddings™ since 2008 with our money-saving tips, simple DIY projects, practical wedding planning advice, and exclusive wedding deals on everything you need for your big day. 

Young and the invested

I started this website because I find most advice about personal finance is generic, not tailored to younger generations in the early yostages of life or their careers, and outdated. By developing sound financial habits at an early age, people make wiser money decisions throughout life. When done successfully and repetitively, this can empower people to start on the path to financial independence and have a chance to retire on their own terms.

Most of what you read in the media highlights the perpetual problems Millennials and Gen Zers face when it comes to establishing good financial habits, such as living within your means, saving money, or setting aside enough to fund your retirement. But why is that? What is driving this?

Millenial money man

On this site, I teach Millennials how to make more money, save more money, and pay off debt so that they can live their best financial lives (and maybe drink some boujee wine or enjoy some fresh af avocado toast here and there). 

Best Wallet Hacks

Best Wallet Hacks is run by Jim Wang. Personal finance is a subject where anyone can learn it and effect positive change in their lives. But some professionals have a vested interest in keeping it complex so they can sell you products and services- Let’s fix that.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is run by JD Roth.

I was born and raised in Canby, Oregon. As was my father before me. As was his father before him. I attended Canby Union High School before spending four years at college in Salem, where I attended Willamette University. I earned a bachelor of arts in psychology with a minor in English (writing emphasis). I also took a lot of public speaking classes. Naturally, after I graduated I couldn’t find a job. I went to work for my Dad, selling custom boxes for the family business. I hated it.

You’ll notice that none of this has anything to do with money. I have no formal training in the world of finance. I’m not an accountant. I’m not a licensed stockbroker. I’m not a certified financial planner. I’m just a regular guy who has learned about money through the school of hard knocks.

Marriage, Kids and Money

I’m a husband and father to two awesome (and crazy) kids and we hail from the great state of Michigan. Since I’m all about my family, my goal is to give them the best life possible and strengthen our family tree for generations to come.

In 2016, I got so geeked about this topic of family financial independence that I decided to start a blog and podcast about it. It began as a hobby and then morphed into a fun side hustle when people started to enjoy the information I was sharing. Fast forward to today, I’ve left my corporate event marketing career behind and am now a full-time content creator. Truly a dream come true!

Budgets are Sexy

Created in 2008, J. Money started the blog to hold himself accountable and have some fun talking about money in the process. An avid coin collector, skateboarder, and Daddy x3 (boys), you can find him trying to live his Best Life at 42 while sharing all his wins (and fails!) here along the journey. Hope the blog helps!

I interviewed J Money from Budgets are Sexy for the CaptainFI Financial Independence podcast, and safe to say, J and I share a lot in common (including ADHD) so it was awesome to be able to chat to him about all things FIRE, money, investing, ADHD and life!

Frugal Rules

Frugal Rules was founded in 2012 with the goal of teaching people how to make smart money decisions to help them create a life of financial freedom. We put you, our reader, first and are committed to producing accurate, straightforward and honest information that helps you save more, make more and live financially free.

Today, the site has grown into an online community where a symphony of expert writers lend their voices to the topics of Attacking Debt, Investing, Frugality, Financial Products and Tools, Financial Literacy, and much more.

Dough Roller

The Dough Roller is a blog about money. How to make it, give it, save it, and spend it in a way that moves us closer to financial freedom.We discuss everything from asset allocation to zero coupon bonds, from savings yields to real estate investing, and from raising financially fit kids to raising financially fit parents (yes, even our parents need raising now and again–at least mine do). Your comments are what make this blog interesting and are welcomed, encouraged and greatly appreciated.

The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet, started in late 2014 as a personal blog by founder Chelsea Fagan to track her own budget, has since grown into a cross-platform media company and the premier digital destination for young women looking to talk about money. From our Manhattan offices, our team of eight women work every day leading the conversation around personal finance, and bringing together everything from expert advice on the complexities of financial planning to personal narratives from everyday women reclaiming their relationship with money, and how it intersects with every element of their lives.

Our mission is to fundamentally change and improve the way we talk about money, to take it from something shameful or intimidating into something we can all feel confident about.

Out and Out

Hello and welcome to Out and Out! My name is Harlan – I’m a points and miles enthusiast interested in personal finance, the power of positive thinking, and earning as many points and miles as I possibly can! I currently live in Dallas, Texas.

ESI Money

This site is about managing your money so you can become wealthy. I realize that “wealthy” is a moving target, but what you consider to be your “wealthy” is up to you. I simply share tips that have helped me amass a sizable net worth and you can pick and choose the most suitable for you.

Living on the cheap

Living on the Cheap offers readers useful tools for living well on less, plus the latest deals and freebies from national retailers and restaurants. Our veteran consumer journalists and frugalistas produce smart, original, well-researched articles filled with actionable advice on personal finance, lifestyle, technology, health, travel and entertainment.

Debt Free guys

We’re David and John, husbands living our fabulous life. We help other gay men like you who also want to live an amazing life without sacrificing your financial security. With this website, our Queer Money™ podcast, tools and resources, we help you live fabulously, not fabulously broke.

Oh my Dollar by Lillian Karabaic

I am passionate about helping people create new financial stories. I help artists, small business owners, nonprofit worker bees, college students, and millennials smash debt, save up for their goals, and budget like the badasses they are.

Bitches get Riches

Bitches Get Riches is a survival resource for life in a patriarchal capitalist hellscape. Through our award-winning blog and podcast, we impart funny lessons about the adulting skills we were never taught, yet mysteriously expected to know. Our goal is to help others get good at their finances, careers, and personal lives. And we want to do it without being boring, condescending sell-outs.

Ride Free Fearless Money

Hadassah Damien is a design strategist and facilitator, economics researcher and finance educator, open source technologist, award-winning LGBTQ artist, and entrepreneur. From participatory budgeting to crypto startups, DIY sliding-scale tours to traditional banking, she’s worked on the ways money can work better for people — and offers strategic approaches to her readers and clients.

Over my life, I have:

  • launched freelance, cooperative, and collective businesses,
  • learned to 5x my income, going from broke and freaked out to solid and strategic.
  • defaulted on student loans I remediated and eventually paid off (on a nonprofit employee income),
  • I even saved $15k while making $30k/year as a part-time employed working artist touring the US with queer art

I come from working-class western New York roots. What matters to me is that I put values I inherited and others I built as a community arts organizer and progressive tech builder into my work as a strategist and educator: people’s goals and needs drive the train.

Financial Planner LA

Based in Los Angeles, Financial Planner David Rae advises his clients and their families on getting their financial houses in order. Developing investment strategies to meet their goals and planning for their retirement. He has also built a strong reputation as a financial planning specialist serving the needs of individuals, couples, and families in and around the LGBT community.  While his financial planning practice is based in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, he has clients across the country, and throughout Southern California.

In addition to his regular Financial Planner Los Angeles posts, he also writes regularly for, blogs for The Huffington Post and Investopedia, David Rae is a featured financial columnist for The Advocate magazine as well as an in-demand Financial Expert for quotes and insights ranging from VOGUE to TIME and even things like Money Magazine.

Modern FI-mily

Our little family unit includes four of us; Court, Nic, and our two kiddos Finn and Parker. We reached financial independence for our family of 3 in 2018 when our daughter was born and as of the end of 2020 we reached our  family of 4 FIRE number and have a passive investment portfolio in the 7 figures.  

Over the years, we’ve averaged a combined pre-tax salary of around $110,000 per year between the two of us. Work-life balance has always been a key component of our lives and we’ve never averaged more than 40 hour work weeks.  It took us 9 years to go from over $100,000 in combined student loan debt to become millionaires.   

Hearing that, you may immediately think that we did nothing with our lives and lived off rice and beans.  However, this has never been a journey of deprivation for us.  We’ve traveled to over 25 countries and all over the US and Canada.  It’s really the exact opposite as we are always trying to find ways to gamify life while keeping enjoyment levels to the max. Some examples include: 

  • travel hacking,
  • house hacking,
  • driving used low mileage vehicles,
  • cooking most of our meals at home,
  • having a very low phone plan,
  • reducing our internet bill,
  • not having cable,
  • reading to expand our knowledge,
  • prioritizing time spent outside in nature,
  • limiting our social media usage,
  • and cutting down on our monthly utility bill.  

This blog is a place for us to share what we’ve learned over the years through our own research and experience. The information on our blog is from our point of view, we are not financial advisors or to be relied upon for any legal advice whatsoever. We don’t expect everything we write to resonate with everyone, but we hope our readers can take pieces of information we provide and apply it to better their own lives. We ultimately believe that it doesn’t matter how much money you make, it’s about living a life of intention and enjoying the ride.

All options Considered

We are Ali and Alison Walker. We met in 2004, started managing our own investments in 2005, married in 2006, reached financial independence in 2017, and retired in 2018. Once we retired we started building our routine for using our annual income from our investments to cover our living expenses. We also offered our newly acquired personal time to others who wanted to talk about money and ended up spending a lot of our time on financial coaching and blogging. By the end of 2022, we were feeling burnt out and wanted to claim our nights and weekends for ourselves and each other. We were very excited to really focus on being instead of doing for the first time in our lives! And that’s what we are still focused on now…

Our lives have changed dramatically every year since we reached FIRE, but one thing that has never changed is that we wake up every morning feeling excited about following our dreams, with “All Options Considered!”

Fiery Millenials

I started this to document my journey to Financial Independence. My goal is to help guide my fellow millennials (that’s right, all you youngins out there. Yes, you.) along similar paths to financial freedom. Millennials are the group of people born anywhere from roughly the early eighties to the 2000’s

My original goal was accumulating enough assets to retire at age 35 in 2025. Now I’ve stepped back a little bit. I’m still on the path to Financial Independence, but I no longer wish to retire insanely early. Instead, I’ve chosen to enjoy life a little bit more on the way. I moved to the third-highest cost of living market in the US (Washington, DC) to experience life in a different part of the country. It’s been an interesting ride so far and I’m eagerly awaiting to see how this experiment turns out.

So, with all that being said, welcome to FIRE‑y Millennials! Better buckle up because it’s going to be a wild ride!

Frugal Confessions

I’m Amanda, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, and I’m all about helping women confidently make daily money decisions that will strengthen their lives and their families.  

That means showing you how to shine a light on the guts of your finances – warts and all – and then guiding you through what and how to fix it.

So that the numbers add up, in your favor (even if you snoozed through 10th-grade personal finance class). 

My strategies boil down to frugal wins that’ll widen the space between your paycheck and your bills, motivating you with financial goals and savings challenges to use that extra money for what you actually want, and outlining money systems that’ll have your money running smoothly in the background of your life (the way it should be). was conceived in early 2000 while its founder, Kimberly Danger, was home on maternity leave after having her daughter.  “Staying home was new to me, and I found myself with tons of creative energy, but very little money.  I had just created a personal web page to share baby photos with friends and family — and loved doing it!  At the same time, I was researching ways to save money after giving up my full-time job.  I found a lot of great tips and suggestions for parents to save money, earn extra money, find great bargains and live on one income.  However, I didn’t find them all the same place.  I wanted to create a website like the one I had looked for.  So, I set out to build a website with tips and bargains finds in one easy location

The Frugal Girl

I’ve been a fan of saving money ever since I was little, and I blog to inspire other people to live on less with a perky attitude.

I’m passionate about green living, food waste, mindful spending, and buying super high-quality stuff that lasts. I write picture-filled posts about the practical, day-to-day ins and outs of frugal living, including

  • Recipes (here are some main dish recipes to get you started!)
  • DIY projects
  • Painting projects
  • Repurposing ideas
  • Frugal home decor ideas
  • Inspiration for living simply
  • Help in learning to be content with what you have

Further Reading – Personal Finance Directory sites

If you REALLY want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, there are actually a few sites dedicated to listing all of the personal finance sites on the entire internet. A few good ones to check out include


In summary, these blogs are a great source of information. In today’s information age, we have vast amounts of information and resources at our fingertips through our smartphones, tablets and computers. These blogs represent a great way to get that information, from credible people who have successfully reached FIRE or are well on their way to it.

Enjoy going down the rabbit hole! Of course, these all cross reference to other blogs, content and resources available for free which means you truly have all the information you could ever need only a few clicks away.

If you find anything awesome online or think I should review any other blogs, let us know in the comments so we can get to it!

Get Financial Independence!

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