Cashrewards Review – A Guide to using Cashrewards to get free Money!

Cashrewards review from an experienced and long term investor on the path to Financial Independence

Cashrewards Review

Read this Cashrewards review to learn how you can start using Cashrewards to get cash back on your purchases. This review will explain everything you need to know about cashback programs and this cashback site, including how I have used Cashrewards to get a cash reward for shopping.

The Good

  • $10 sign up bonus
  • Promotional Cash Back offers sometimes over 40%
  • Massive range of cash back offers
  • In store or online shopping options

The Bad

  • Can take up to 60 days to be paid cash back
  • Can tempt you to splurge unnecessarily
  • Wont have cash back offers for everything

Verdict: Cashrewards is an easy way to get around 5% Cash back from most purchases

Use this unique link to score a free $10 when you sign up to Cashrewards

On my journey to Financial Independence I review various financial products, investments and services for consumers that can either help you make, save or invest money – including services like Cashrewards which can help you get cash back and effectively better deals on products. Its not Financial advice but I hope my review helps make it easier for you to get a bit of side hustle income and helps you in your Journey to Financial Independence

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Cashrewards review: What is Cashrewards and how it works

Cash rewards is a cash back service (cashback program) which gives you money back for online purchases at over 1600 different retailers. Cashrewards have partnered as an affiliate with big brands and retailers; they earn an affiliate commission for every lead and sale they send to retailers.

Through using Cashrewards, your purchases are tracked and for verified purchases they then share the affiliate commission with you as a cash back. You can withdraw your cash back through the app either directly to your bank account or PayPal.

I have received up to 20% cash back on promotions, but on average you will usually get back around 5% or less. It is well worth it if you frequently shop online, but can also be used in store.

Cashrewards was started by a Sydney couple in their home in Chatswood in 2014, and has since grown into a large affiliate marketing company which has driven over $2 Billion in sales and paid their users back over $100 Million in cash back from their purchases.

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Why use Cashrewards instead of other rewards programs

Cashrewards has a simple cash back rewards program that makes it very easy to get cash back. They are also one of the largest cash back reward program in Australia, with over 1,000,000 members and cash back from over 1600 partner retailers.

You benefit from the advantage of scale, and the negotiating power they have when forming new commercial relationships with retailers to maximise your cash back.

Cashrewards also has a customer support messaging service that is open 24 hours a day which makes it easier than other programs because there are some times when you need assistance immediately but do not want to wait for email responses from them.

Cashrewards have also pledged 1% of their business equity and revenue towards the Starlight Foundation, which means your use of the platform directly helped over 10,000 sick children receive help to date.

Cashrewards review

Cashrewards Review: Some Pros and Cons of Cashrewards

The main benefit that can be said about Cashrewards is obviously that you get cash back on your purchases for using their service. The other notable things about them is they offer a variety of different rewards such as significant discounts and bonus offers, charitable donations, digital downloads and more. There are also no fees associated with joining the app so it’s free to sign up in order to start taking advantage of these benefits.

One downside though has been customer support complaints as there have been reports from customers not being able to reach any representatives when they needed help with an issue. Further, it does take a while for your cash back credits or referral bonuses to be approved as when they are first added to your account as ‘pending cash back’.

Cashrewards review

Cashrewards online and in store.

Cashrewards isn’t just for online shopping – it works both when you shop in store or for online ordering. This is because Cashrewards have partnered with Visa and Mastercard – you can securely link your credit or debit cards to Cashrewards and the cash back will automatically be applied when you shop at participating retailers. You should take this into account if you’re looking for a way to earn extra ‘points’ on all your cards without any hassle or extra work from yourself.

The Cashrewards app has an ‘In-store offers’ feature which features promotional and nearby offers based on your location. This can make it easy to snag a deal nearby, but it can also tempt you into unnecessary purchases.

cashrewards review

Cashrewards review: Who is Cashrewards suitable for?

Cashrewards offers some great rewards for those people who are frequently shopping at retail stores with their credit card – but they do come with certain limitations which may be an issue depending on what type of person you are.

Just be realistic about your use of the app. It seems a no brainer for me to have it and to use it when I need to make a purchase to receive cashback, but buying something *just* to get the cash back doesn’t make financial sense. In this respect, it can work against you as you just end up spending more money that you wouldn’t otherwise have spend.

How to join Cashrewards 

In order to sign up with the Cashrewards app, you need to download it from either iTunes apple store or Google Play and then enter your details through the sign up process. Once that’s done you’ll be able to use any cash back offers when making purchases at certain stores.

You can then choose which store or retailer will give you cashback by using their filter options on the left hand side of the screen in order to find what suits your needs best, by selecting a deal from their in app displays, or by using the In-store offers (features or Nearby options).

Get $10 free money when you sign up for Cashrewards

If you sign up for an account with Cashrewards using this link to the cashrewards website, then in addition to the standard features of cash back offers and stores that will give you money when making purchases, you will also score $10 free credit into your Cashrewards account. You will need to make a qualifying purchase before you are eligible to withdraw though.

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How to maximize your cash back on Cashrewards (including ways for new users)

After you’ve signed up for the Cashrewards app, there are a few ways that you can maximize your cashback into your Cashrewards account.

  • Firstly, make sure to use it every time you’re making a purchase from any of the stores which work with Cashrewards. This will not only will you get cash back on those specific purchases, but also on anything else in-store as well if you have linked your Visa or Mastercard and they are a participating retailer.
  • Secondly, if you know you need something then keep an eye on the app. If and when new deals or offers become available through the app then you can jump on them – just don’t get sucked into unnecessary purchases.
  • Thirdly, using their filter options (some of these give better results than others) is another great idea in order to maximise your returns, as you can filter out the stuff you don’t want or need.
  • Fourthly, use the In-Store search function – both the Featured or the Nearby tabs. The Nearby function is useful as it lets you know which retailers are participating nearby. This is handy especially if you are at a mall and want to work out where to get the highest cash back and takes less than a minute to suss out.

Cashrewards review: Does Cashrewards really work?

The answer to this question largely depends on your personal preferences and the types of purchases that you make most often. For example, if you are a frequent online shopper with a sizeable purchase history, then Cashrewards is great for earning cash back from those online transactions. However, if most of your shopping involves smaller items or purchasing groceries in-store, Cashrewards might not be the best option for you.

Overall I have found that it does work quite well as long as I am mindful about using them right before making my purchases (I like to check their offer page prior to checkout).

cashrewards review

Frequently asked questions about Cashrewards

Frequently asked questions about Cashrewards cash back app

Is Cashrewards legit?

Cash Rewards is legitimate in the sense that it does provide you with cash back on your purchases.

Is Cashrewards good?

Yes, there are benefits to using this app and it’s a great way for millennials who want to save money but have short attention spans (i.e., me) keep track of their spending habits. I haven’t noticed any glitches or problems with how the app works and my only complaint would be that sometimes when I try to check out through the store portal within the app page, nothing happens so I have no idea if what I’m doing is registering as an actual purchase being made since most stores don’t give confirmation receipts via email anymore. Again though, overall not bad and worth checking out!

Is Cashrewards Free?

It is free to sign up for Cashrewards, and there are no fees or monthly charges.

Is Cashrewards Safe?

Cashrewards has a reputation for being a safe and secure website when it comes to your purchasing history or linked bank and credit card details. It features the latest encryption technology as well as two-factor authentication for your account and details.

You can rest assured that your credit card data won’t be hacked or stolen like it might on other sites – all linked card information is held securely by Visa or Mastercard and not by Cashrewards – your card information is never stored by Cashrewards.

How do I claim Cashrewards cash back?

To withdraw cash rewards to your nominated bank account, you’ll need a valid Australian bank account or you can also choose to have the amount transferred into your nominated PayPal account and then transfer it out of there as desired.

Here’s how: Log in on Cashrewards or open the app and go to ‘Earnings’ > ‘Withdraw’. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.01

How does Cash back make money?

Cash back is a free service that works by giving you cash back rewards for the money you spend. Cashrewards track your spending and are paid affiliate commissions for what you spend, and then split the affiliate commission with you as cash back. They keep some of the cash back, as well as are paid for advertising.

Is it safe to link a card to Cashrewards?

Yes, it’s safe to link a card or accounts with Cashrewards. Your banking details are not stored on their servers; they’re encrypted in transit and at rest. This provides you peace of mind knowing that any sensitive data such as financial transactions can’t get hacked from Cashrewards systems because there isn’t anything worth stealing.

What are the benefits of cash rewards?

The benefits of Cashrewards are on average 5% cash-back on eligible purchases, as well as bonus cash back offerings which can be much more lucrative in excess of 20% cash back.

Is Cashrewards or Shopback better?

Is Cashrewards or Shopback better? There is no right answer to this question. It largely depends on your personal preference, what you’re looking for in a cashback site, and the types of purchases that you make most often.

I personally use both Cashrewards and Shopback, and simply hunt for the best deal on the item I need at the time. Usually if it is not on Cashrewards, it will be on Shopback and vice versa. This is why I would suggest using them both

My final thoughts on using Cashrewards

My final thoughts on using cashrewards is that it’s an easy and convenient way to get cash back on purchases you would have made anyway.

The app is not limited to any one store or retailer, so there are plenty of options available for those looking at other deals. So if like me, your aim is simply getting extra cash without doing anything too different from how you already shop then Cashrewards might be worth checking out…

If you’re a frequent online shopper, then Cashrewards could be the perfect app for you. There are over 1600 retailers that offer cash back through their program and they share the commission with you as a customer by giving you up to 20% money back on some of your favourite sales and promotions!

Plus, because it’s free to sign up and so easy to use, there really is no reason not to try it out. Signing up takes less than two minutes but can save you tons in savings, as well as you get a bonus $10 for your effort. So what do you have to lose? Give Cashrewards a shot today!

Verdict: Cashrewards is an easy way to get around 5% Cash back from most purchases

Use this unique link to score a free $10 when you sign up to Cashrewards.

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