Washington H. Soul Pattinson (ASX:SOL) LIC Review

Washington H. Soul Pattinson is an actively managed Investment Conglomerate that can be traded on the Australian Stock Exchange, and are one of the oldest Australian companies around having been first listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange in 1903. WHSP first started as a pharmacy, and have grown into a diversified investment company that has a strong focus on increasing dividend payments to shareholders

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Investing in Shares in Australia for Beginners

A stock or share is part ownership in a company. Suppose you start your own company. You own 100% of it. You start a company with a business partner. You own 50% of it. You buy a bunch of shares in Commonwealth Bank. You own something like 0.0001% of it, and although you probably won’t get much say about how the company is managed you are entitled to a cut of the profit!

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Franking Credits and Tax Refunds on Australian Share Investments

The franking credit system was established to prevent a double whammy of taxation for shareholders; if a company has paid tax on its profits at the corporate rate of 30% (27.5% for small business), it doesn’t seem fair that the government gets to ‘double dip’ and then charge income tax to the shareholders once it gets distributed as dividends to them.

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