Congratulations for finding the treasure trove of financial independence articles on this site. On this page is hundreds of articles I have written especially to help us all reach Financial Independence. Not only do I talk about theoretical tips and tricks, I go into actual step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how I have set myself up to become Financially Independent by 30. From boosting my income to cutting my cost of living to investing the surplus, these articles helped me become wealthier.

Financial Independence

Financial Independence occurs when your passive income generated from investments exceeds your cost of living. You can achieve financial independence by working hard, saving your money and investing in quality, productive assets like low fee stock market ETF index funds and cash flow positive real estate.

Financial Independence gives you the choice to direct your time and energy into the things that you truly value, like Early Retirement. It’s about working out what you value the most, and empowering you to have the freedom of choice using the core principles of mindfulness, efficiency and minimalism.

I love reading and learning about Financial Independence Retire Early. As an Australian seeking Financial Independence, we have a quite small but amazing FIRE community. Check out what I have learned along the way by reading my Financial Independence articles below

What do I ask in return? Please share the message – lets break down the stigma of talking about money, spread the message of financial education, and all do our bit to become a little wealthier and a live a little more mindfully each day. If you find an article that really clicked with you (or if you found something you disagree with) please leave a comment and lets start a dialogue to improve the content. It also really helps the blog if you share any articles with friends or online on social media, or left the podcast a rating on iTunes – so I would really appreciate if you took the time to do either of these.

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