The Life You Can Save: How to Do Your Part to End World Poverty | Peter Singer

“If you are paying for something to drink when safe drinking water comes out of the tap, you have money to spend on things you don’t really need.”

Peter Singer
the life you can save

The Life You Can Save: How to Do Your Part to End World Poverty | Peter Singer

Peter Singer’s classic ‘The Life You Can Save’ tackles the big issues surrounding World Poverty, Philanthropy and Charities. Singer encourages the reader to be cognisant of their role as a global citizen, and to help others as we help ourselves.

He discusses how eradicating world poverty is actually possible, yet billions of people continue to struggle just to make ends meet – living on less per day than what some spend on a cup of coffee. Singer explains the behavioural psychology behind we fail to give, and what can be done to encourage charity to improve the world and reduce suffering.

The two main take-homes from The Life You Can Save is that you as a global citizen have a moral obligation to help those who are less fortunate than yourself, and that people who live affluently in comparison to world standards should give a percentage of their income to those trapped in extreme poverty in less fortunate nations.

Check it out on Amazon here, listen to it through Audible or buy it from Australia’s local bookstore Booktopia

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