Empire Flippers Review

If you are looking to buy or sell a website, EmpireFlippers.com is one of the best ways to do so! This Empire Flippers review discusses how they operate, their success rates, and why they are such an amazing resource for buying or selling websites and online businesses.

The Good

  • Experienced company, high success rate
  • Credible reputation and trustworthy
  • Thorough vetting process, demonstrating their expertise
  • Easy to use website
  • Tips and resources on their website

The Bad

  • Potentially much higher fees than others in the industry
  • May offer less commission than other sites
  • Long, involved vetting process can mean it takes longer to get your business listed online
  • Empire Flippers may not completely take care of everything when they assist in the sale transfer process – you may need extra assistance

Empire Flippers demonstrate expertise in what they do and though this may mean higher fees and less money in your pocket, their success rate trumps this and almost guarantees your success too!


Are you looking to buy or sell a website, or you’re interested in building passive income, or multiple revenue streams? Empire Flippers may be just what you are looking for. This Empire Flippers review will discuss the company, their services, and how they can help your business succeed online.

Empire Flippers is one of the largest companies in the world that buys and sells digital assets. They have been operating since 2011 with an excellent track record of success – brokering over $277M worth of online deals with an 84% success rate. The Empire Flippers team has helped thousands so far, either purchase or sell their businesses successfully on the internet!

What is Empire Flippers and how does it work?

Empire Flippers is a company that buys and sells websites online. It was started in 2011, by Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti as full-time projects. The original idea was to take advantage of the opportunity presented with “flipping” sites: buying low and selling high on different platforms like eBay or Amazon. Since then, Empire has become one of the biggest players in the world for this business model – brokering $277M worth of website deals since they first opened their doors! They have experienced an 84% success rate so far (buying and selling), which makes them quite successful at what they do. If you are looking at website ownership, you want to build your own profitable website or you want to sell your website, you might want to check out Empire Flippers.

Advantages of buying a website or online business through Empire Flippers

  • Empire Flippers is one of the biggest and best companies to use if you are a prospective buyer looking to buy your own digital asset, or if you are selling a website. They have an excellent track record with thousands of successful deals so far. This established site offers lots of security backed by their years of experience – helping your business succeed in the online space.
  • Empire Flippers credibility and reputation makes them trustworthy when it comes to making sure you are getting what you need out of your online business transaction; they will work hard to make sure that both parties involved, come out satisfied at the end!
  • Empire Flippers has an excellent track record with 84% success rate (buying and selling) since 2011 – much higher than other competitors in the market.
  • Empire Flipper’s business vetting process ensures that you will get an honest assessment of the website in question without any sugar-coating or false promises. You can also gain access to their resources to help guide you through your purchasing experience, which can be incredibly helpful when weighing different offers from multiple companies. They have become well respected within the industry because they provide great customer service along with their expertise in online business management. Finally, both buyer and seller will have access to experts who are familiar with how these types of transactions work best – giving both parties more information about what it takes to keep your site up and running effectively.
Empire Flippers review
The Empire Flippers site has several written and video testimonials

Disadvantages of buying a website or online business through Empire Flippers

  • While Empire Flippers has many quality listings, and is great for buying and selling websites, there are also a few downsides to using this website broker as well. One of the biggest issues with Empire Flipper’s services includes their high fees. If you want Empire Flipper’s help in brokering your deal, they will take 15% off the top of the final selling price. Empire Flipper’s fees are some of the highest in the industry. This can make it difficult if you need more money than that up front – especially if Empire isn’t willing to negotiate their listing fee down any further (which could be possible depending on how much equity your business has).
  • Another downside is that sometimes Empire Flippers can offer less commission than other sites (for example: UpWork) where non-experts are selling websites.
  • Empire Flippers is full of experts in the field, so it’s understandable that they want to make money for their services. However, you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere if Empire Flippers isn’t willing to negotiate with you on listing fee price – which could save thousands.
  • Empire Flippers can sometimes take longer than expected (up to 60 days) before your business is listed online or sold through another platform like eBay or Amazon due to how much work goes into vetting these companies and sellers. Even though this adds extra time onto the process, they live up to their promises by getting your site live within 90-120 days after signing an LOI (Letter of Intent).
  • Empire Flippers does not completely take care of everything when they assist in the sale transfer process (although they do quite a bit). If there’s anything that needs to be done after Empire has completed all work on transferring over ownership/payment details etc., it will need to be taken care of separately. While this may seem like more hassle compared to other options out there, they make up for this through their high success rate and reliability.

How to buy a website or online business from Empire Flippers?

If you are looking to buy a website, Empire Flippers is an excellent resource. You may want to peruse the Empire Flippers marketplace or listing page as a starting point to see the kinds of sites listed, but they offer their services in various ways: they can help both the business owner who already own websites and those interested buyers that don’t. If you want to get started for buying your first site, Empire Flippers has tips on what Questions To Ask Before Buying A Website. They also offer other advice such as How To Check If The Site You Can Buy Is Worth It? and information on what websites sell for, as well as many other helpful articles, which may be helpful for some buyers when going through the buying process for their first online business. It is a good idea to also ensure you do your own due diligence.

Empire Flippers review
Empire Flippers review
There is a huge array of businesses available to buy, and you can set the price using the toggle to view what sites are within your budget

First, Empire Flippers asks you to fill out their brief questionnaire or application. This allows them to eliminate non serious buyers, do a buyer business inspection and learn more about what your needs are and how they can best help with finding the perfect online business for you (and vice versa). Empire Flipper’s vetting process is extensive – even though there isn’t much information available on this part of the website. Their vetting process will also look at ownership history and ensure they are dealing with serious sellers.

Empire Flippers reviews businesses that have been listed with them by other sellers, making sure that it meets all criteria before allowing anyone else access to this listing as well. Once they have reviewed both parties’ requests for each transaction – including down payment amount(s), timeline etc., if everything seems good then an LOI is sent out officially starting negotiations between both the buyer and seller.

Once Empire Flippers agrees to work with you, the first step is creating an LOI (Letter of Intent) which outlines what assets will be included in your transaction. It’s important that this document is created at the beginning since Empire Flippers has a very strict policy regarding refunds – basically if one party doesn’t like anything about how negotiations are going after signing an LOI then they can ask for all funds back and walk away entirely.

An option to avoid this issue would be working through Empire Flippers’ Concierge Service where their team manages every aspect of the sale process so both parties don’t have to worry about details getting mixed up or lost along the way.

Empire Flippers review

Once Empire Flippers has vetted you, and they have determined that your offer is a good fit for their platform – an Empire Flippers representative will work with you to ensure the sale goes through. They start this process by putting together an “Offering Memorandum” which outlines all of the details from how much it costs to buy the website or online business in question, what kind of information would be needed from either party (if any), etc.

After an Empire Flippers business insider does their part of making sure everything runs smoothly on both sides, it’s up to you to make sure that deadlines are met within reason if there do happen to be delays along the way. One of these main milestones includes having money in your bank account or investment company ready when signing over ownership documents.

The best time to sell your own site on Empire Flippers

The best time to sell your own site on Empire Flippers depends on the situation: there are multiple factors you should consider when trying to work out if now is the right time for selling your online empire such as how well it’s performing and where market conditions happen – especially related to how many other sites Empire Flippers have up for sale at the time.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re happy with your online business, it’s a quality asset and it’s making good money then there is no need to rush into selling right now – Empire Flippers has plenty of future buyers that would be interested in purchasing an already established site just like yours so take your time – especially since Empire Flipper’s policy says they will never pressure any sellers or established businesses to sell their site ASAP. However, If you are not satisfied with how well your business is doing or something is wrong which means you can’t continue running it as usual, a website broker such as Empire Flippers might become an ideal option for selling fast before things get worse due to lack of interest from others who may want this particular type of niche website.

Why you should never buy an E-commerce store on the platform Empire Flippers

There are many reasons why Empire Flippers is not the best place to buy an E-commerce store on their website. Even though Empire claims that you can make money by buying and reselling websites, they do not account for any heavily advertised eCommerce businesses which will bring significantly less value than regular online businesses. This means there is no way of knowing if Empire Flipper has already exhausted all possible buyers looking to purchase your specific type of site – making it almost impossible to sell fairly or at a high rate since nobody wants to overpay. It also makes sense because Empire Flippers wouldn’t want someone else who might be able to afford more, pay more than another potential buyer – so therefore this creates a “bidding war” type of scenario which Empire Flippers has no control over.

In addition, Empire Flipper’s platform is not the best place to buy an E-commerce store because people who sell online businesses on their website are looking for a quick return in order to make money fast – and you can’t do that with eCommerce sites since they require a lot more work compared to other types of websites such as a niche website, drop shipping stores or an affiliate website.

How can I sync my Google Analytics web properties with Empire Flippers?

Empire Flippers can automatically sync your Google Analytics web properties for you after the Empire Flipper’s transfer is complete. This ensures that all historical data will be preserved across both platforms ensuring accuracy in reporting and Google Analytics insights. You also have access to view unique users, pageviews, sessions, bounce rates, time on site etc. Empire has made it very easy for members looking to sell their websites with them by having a simple “Sync Web Properties” button which does everything quickly and accurately – no need to worry about losing any of your Google analytics access or traffic information since Empire Flippers don’t want sellers getting into trouble later down the line due to missing important metrics.

Empire Flippers has a simple interface for WordPress websites that allows you to sync your Google Analytics property ID with Empire Flippers by sending it over in the Empire Control Center. For other websites, Empire Flippers does not have this feature but they are working on getting more advanced integration options which will work seamlessly between all website types for Google Analytics access, without requiring too much time or effort from buyer and seller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about buying and selling websites & businesses on the Empire Flippers platform

Q: How much does Empire Flippers charge for listing a website on their platform?

A: Empire Flippers charges either 20% or $500, depending on the type of site you are selling. For example, if your website is making at least $100 per month in profit then Empire Flippers will only take a maximum of 20%. However, if your website is making less than $100 per month Empire Flippers will take a flat fee of $500.

Q: How much does Empire Flippers charge for buying and selling websites?

A: Empire Flippers has different fees which depend on the type of site you are purchasing or selling, but generally they have fixed prices based off how profitable each business can be expected to generate over time once it’s been sold – so their margins aren’t too bad in this regard. For example, if someone was selling affiliate sites with Empire Flippers then the final settlement price would go something like this: 20% fee from seller + Empire admin settlement fee (which varies depending on who pays first) + Paypal transaction cost & returns policy = total amount due by Empire Flippers. If Empire Flippers is purchasing a website then they typically take 20% of what you are selling it for but if Empire Flipper’s settlement fee (which varies depending on who pays first) + Paypal transaction cost; returns policy = total amount due by Empire Flippers.

Q: What payment methods does Empire Flippers accept?

A: The only payment method which Empire Flippers accepts right now is PayPal, however considering how much money people make with online businesses and websites – this should be an obvious choice to most sellers anyway since this allows them the opportunity to keep all their earnings in one place instead of having multiple bank accounts or currencies like others do when running E-commerce stores. This also means that Empire Flipper’s fees for selling a website are automatically deducted from the total sale price which is actually pretty convenient for Empire Flippers.

Q: Does Empire Flippers have any buyer protection in place?

A: Empire Flippers offer a 100% refund policy in place, but it only applies if Empire Flippers fails to fulfill its contractual obligations. In other words, Empire Flippers will offer you up to 30 days after your purchase or sale goes through for them to make good on their end of the deal – and you can get all your money back if they do not provide what was promised within that time frame (e.g., no hosting set-up). However this does not apply when something happens outside of Empire Flipper’s control such as a site being hacked, Empire Flippers being unable to contact the seller or other reasons that are beyond Empire Flipper’s control. This is why it’s important for both parties to come together with a solution which works best for everyone – because Empire Flippers simply does not have enough resources in place to satisfy every single person all the time.

Q: What if I don’t want my website sold on Empire Flippers anymore?

A: If you would like your website removed from Empire Flippers then there will be an additional fee of $500 added onto any refunds due to them by Paypal – so this must be factored into account before deciding whether or not you should remove your site from Empire Flippers.com otherwise Empire Flippers might end up making more money than if they were to resell it. Empire Flippers takes this stance because the site may not be removed for another 12-24 months depending on how long Empire Flipper’s current queue of websites is (which currently has over 400 waiting) – and they don’t see any reason why you should get your money back immediately while taking away their revenue stream in the process.


Many of us have heard about creating multiple revenue streams, starting a blog, building passive income and now you can! Empire Flippers has numerous high quality listings and they have helped thousands of entrepreneurs successfully buy or sell their websites. If you have a business plan when it comes to websites, or are looking to purchase or sell your website then this company may be perfect for you. You don’t have to be a savvy business person, you just have to have an interest and a willingness to learn (especially when it comes to doing your own due diligence!) Get in touch with them for more information about how they could help make your business successful online.

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