CaptainFI Net Worth

Each Month I collate all of my financial statements and investments to produce the CaptainFI net worth blog update. Check out links below to see how my investments have grown over time, what I have invested / devested in, what has been happening in my life and how this has shaped my financial health on my journey to Financial Independence.

I am using Pearler to invest using the auto invest feature, which ensures that my net worth continues to smoothly rise as I effectively dollar cost average into my split of ETFs in accordance with my investment strategy. I personally use Sharesight for my investment reporting since its totally free if you have under ten shares (making it perfect for ETF holders) and it generates a complete tax statement for all of my share purchases, sales and dividends I receive. Sharesight can be configured to automatically import your data from Pearler with the click of a button. You can check out the comprehensive review I did on Sharesight Here, where I even got to chat to their content manager and ask him a bunch of curly questions.

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