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On the journey to FIRE, each month I collated all of my financial statements and investments to produce the CaptainFI net worth blog update. Check out links below to see how my investments have grown over time, what I had invested / devested in, what has been happening in my life and how this has shaped my financial health on my journey to Financial Independence.

This graph includes the total value from my;

  • FIRE ETF share portfolio,
  • Investment property equity
  • Crypto portfolio
  • Content websites business
  • Superannuation

In March 2022, for a combination of reasons (spurred by major family health issues) I decided that I had enough assets and passive income that I had reached ‘FIRE’ and I published my last monthly net wealth update for the accumulation phase.

I finished taking my leave in May 2022 (reciving a payout for the remaining leave), and since then have quit full-time flying. Ironically, I have now found myself in full time work – I have become a full-time (unpaid) carer for my mother who has terminal Cancer. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to care for her and would have not had this as an option was it not for the FIRE movement and some very inspirational writers and podcasters like Mr Money Mustache (Pete Adeney), the Mad Fientist (Brandon) and the Aussie Firebug.

These days, in addition to caring for my mum, I do still potter around part-time on my content website business, and enjoy very much writing and podcasting on CaptainFI. Between 18 websites there is always a lot going on, but I have a great team working behind the scenes.

I have decided to put out Quarterly post-FIRE updates, a short update about how the investments are tracking, any investment decisions I have made, and a short update on life post-Financial Independence – somewhat of an update from Early Retirement. Hang around for the new series which should be kicking off soon.

How do I still manage my investments?

I am using Pearler to invest using the auto invest feature, which ensures that my net worth continues to smoothly rise as I effectively dollar cost average into my split of ETFs in accordance with my investment strategy. I personally use Sharesight for my investment reporting since its totally free if you have under ten shares (making it perfect for ETF holders) and it generates a complete tax statement for all of my share purchases, sales and dividends I receive. Sharesight can be configured to automatically import your data from Pearler with the click of a button. You can check out the comprehensive review I did on Sharesight Here, where I even got to chat to their content manager and ask him a bunch of curly questions.

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