Why you act the way you do | Tim Lahaye

“There is hardly a function in life that is not influenced by temperament”

Tim Lahaye
Why you act the way you do

Why you act the way you do | Tim Lahaye

Recommended to me by Shang from SaveMyCents.com, Why You Act the way you do by Tim Lahaye in 1984 is a book on behavioural psychology. It is a great read to understand our own mindset, behaviours and habits.

This is especially important for those on the path to Financial Independence, especially if you are trying to curb expensive habits like high spending, or self destructive habits like continually changing investment strategies.

Lahaye explains how you can improve yourself by critically analysing your own strengths and weaknesses, your upbringing and personal development, and how they play a role in your personality.

Lahaye explains understanding your ‘temperaments’ and mapping them to behaviours can help you to understand them better. Our Temperaments are mainly inherited from our parents, and fit into the characteristic of extroverted or introverted in the following categories;

  • Sanguine – Leadership, Responsive, Social, Outgoing, Lively
  • Choleric – Optimistic, Impulsive, Excited, Aggressive, Restless
  • Melancholy – Anxious, Pessimistic, Quiet, Rigid
  • Phlegmatic – Calm, reliable, Controlled, Thoughtful, Passive

Overall, this book challenged a lot of my preconceptions on behaviour and through some critical self reflection I feel like I have improved as a person. The book does have religious undertones which some may not like, but his teachings are just as applicable to any persons belief system. It has helped me to understand why I behave the way I do, for example seeking approval, and help me to stop the destructive and non productive behaviours associated with that. Well worth a read!

Check it out on Amazon here or buy it from Australia’s local bookstore Booktopia

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