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When you identify with an object, you’re defined by the object, then controlled by it, and ultimately owned by it. If you relate to your possessions, you’re owned by your stuff, and it will make many of your decisions for you. This trap is not only mental, but also physical.

Jacob Fisker
early retirement extreme

Early Retirement Extreme | Jacob Fisker

Early Retirement Extreme is a monster read. Fisker has some pretty great gems of wisdom expressed in the book, but it will take you a few weeks to get through it all and re-read the important bits. This is probably not the best ‘first book’ for FIRE starters (as it will take some time to read and digest) but it is certainly a must read for anyone on the path to FI.

Fisker discusses how the consumer culture in the western world has led to a culture of decadence and waste. Not just waste in terms of rubbish produced that pollutes the environment, or waste in that a third of all of bought groceries end up in the bin, but that we waste so much of our time, energy and happiness. By practising mindfulness (not necessarily minimalism but that helps) and adopting new (and some extreme) ways to become more efficient, we can work out how to meet out needs whilst protecting our precious freedom; our time, energy and happiness.

Fisker discusses the virtues of in sourcing (doing work yourself!) with his concept of the renaissance man. The Renaissance Man is the one who develops a multitude of diverse and interesting skills which cross mesh and interlink with one another to allow you to achieve fantastic results. For example; learning to grow a garden can provide you with fresh organic produce, and this can in turn lead you how to cook delicious home made meals from scratch. Both activities get you active and involved with the family, and lead to spending quality time together. Eating delicious and healthy home made meals leads to improved health, and helps you to be more active which of course has an amazing snowball or spiral affect on improving your quality of life.

Check it out on Amazon here, listen to it through Audible or find it on Australia’s local bookstore Booktopia

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